Annabel Lee Poem assignment

Annabel Lee Poem Analysis


The poem that was chosen is called Annabel Lee by Edgar Alan Poe and it is about his loved one who he met by a kingdom by a sea. The poem has a lot of repetition and it is a sad poem. The woman Annabel Lee has wisdom and Edgar Alan Poe really loved her. They met each other when they were kids and his love for her grew every year. The poem is also very romantic and it’s his memories about his loved one who passed away. Edgar Alan Poe’s poems are very dark or about his loved ones. But he was saying how he wants to lock her up in a room in the kingdom by the sea to protect her from dangerous situations. Edgar then said that he is upset that death separated them from each other. The poem doesn’t have a consistent rhyme scheme. The poem is tragic and beautiful, it also comes back to the rhyme “kingdom by the sea and “Annabel Lee”. The constant rhyming with these words sounds like a sad love song for his loved one. The way the poem doesn’t have a constant rhyme scheme it makes it more real and not one of those kid songs with a lot of rhymes that are cliché. The beautiful poem leaves me wanting for more and at the end of the poem Poe says that he lies at her tomb stone every night by the sea. That line shows how Poe is in very bad pain and how his heart is aching without her. This poem is seriously a love story and he never gave up on his loved one. Even after they got separated from each other, he also says that Annabel Lee was his angel and guardian from heaven which is so beautiful and sad. Edgar Alan Poe’s poems are just full of emotion which makes them unique and very interesting to read. The poem is a six stanza poem about his loved one. The two of the loved ones were supposed to get married until her death separated them from each other.


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