Capital Punishment assignment

Capital punishment is when the government sends people to be killed. There are different ways of killing. I imagine the most painful one is getting hanged or the needle injections. Capital punishment started in 1967 on November 30th. Capital punishment was a terrible penalty to rapists, murderers and other very bad criminals. Instead of killing someone they should be sent to a rehabilitation center. In this image a person is getting hung for a crime that he committed.

Image result for capital punishment hung person


I personally think that Thomas Delaney did not deserve to be hung for defending his wife because he just wanted to help to get rid of the rapist. The way he murdered the guy it was the only way to get rid of him from assaulting his wife. The judge was very unfair he could have listened out the case more thoroughly, not just send him to be killed. If Thomas Delaney was the rapist, then it would have been ok for the government to kill him. If I was the judge I would have listened to both of the stories the wife and Delaney then make my decision. Thomas’s wife should have spoken up but we don’t know their backstory maybe Thomas was the rapist and the wife wasn’t his wife then it is totally ok to kill someone for that treason or betrayal to government.