BC.Power Story

We don’t think how we get power to our homes we just know that it is there. There are two main ways we get power Hydroelectric generation and thermal power plants.


Hydroelectric Generation: Water from rain or snow is stored in dams, a barrier that holds the water back. Gates and  meters measure the water flow through the penstocks, large pipes that pour  water into the turbines. When the water hits the turbines it spins. The shaft of these turbines are attached to an electricity generator, changing the kinetic energy of the spinning turbines.

Pros: + no waste

+ uses natrual water

+ Creates a bit of electricity

–  needs 66 719 L of water per day

– Harms wildlife because of turbines

Thermal Power Plants: Water is stored and heated up until it evaporates, turning to super heated steam. This steam spins turbines and like hydroelectric generation, the kinetic energy is turned to electrical energy.

Pros: + Water is reusable

– Pollution from heating the water constantly

the electricity is generated, it goes through a transformer to increase the voltage.


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