Edible DNA Lab

1) What is DNA?

Today in science I learned about the DNA structure. I learned that DNA is in  the nucleus of a cell, it contains information about what type of cell it is, what it will do, when it will die. It looks like a ladder that is twisted. This shape is called a double helix. The two DNA  sides are made up of phosphate and sugar. The ladder is made of 4 nitrogen bases the bases are Guanine,Cytosine, Adenine and Thymine. The bases can only be paired up with one other base like Guanine with Cytosine and Adenine with Thymine.

2) What do the parts represent?

Licorice: The licorice represents the DNA sides. The licorice also represents the phosphate and sugar.

Marshmallow: The marshmallow represents the 4 nitrogen bases

Toothpicks: held the bases together

I can’t post the pictures sorry


3) This activity helped visually and now I know ho a DNA model looks











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