Sammy Sperm story

Hello my name is Sammy and I’m a sperm, or at least, I used to be. Now that I’m in Uterusville, I am soon going to turn into an embryo before that happens, I will explain how I got there. This is my journey!!!


I didn’t start out in Uterusville. I started in the testis. A clinic where tons of other sperm are made. It was only about a month ago. In the clinic I wasn’t really able to move around but it was completely normal. Sperm normally can’t move when they are first produced. After I was done  being in the clinic I was allowed to go. I was sent to the epididymis.  I was still unable to move, I knew that this was the beginning of an amazing journey.

I travelled down the epididymis, what I like to be and stayed at the bottom for around two weeks. During the two  weeks  there were many other sperm. They were all doing the same thing, but we don’t know who will survive in this journey


Now I am  out of the epididymis I went on the Vas deferens highway.  I still couldn’t move, but I was dragged along with the other sperm. This was almost like a rollercoaster at play land  going up, up taking a turn at the bladder and going right back down. That’s when I got off the highway and in the Seminal Vesicle Diner. I stayed there  for a while. I don’t really know how long I stayed in the diner.I just sat down and then I  was kicked out. I was shoved all the way into a place filled with liquid.  I didn’t like the sticky solution it was gross. This liquid is called “semen”. In the semen, I kept moving, faster than I had never went before. Through the urethra express way I thought I was done with my journey.


I didn’t know  where I was.  But I was still surrounded by other sperm. I didn’t know  what was happening It suddenly starting moving. Slowly but surely, I started swimming. I noticed a few other sperm doing the same thing I wanted to  help my buddies, but I couldn’t.  I kept swimming for what was probably days. Swimming through a giant tunnel. Through Vaginaland. Then I came to a giant gate. The gate was  covered in liquid and was opening and closing. The Cervix station.  I wanted to see what was going on , but I couldn’t. I was already being sucked into the side. I was sucked through Oviduct Road. I was being careful I didn’t know what was next so I went into the side. Sticking on and making sure not to go any farther. I noticed a giant ball coming through Oviduct road. I was surrounded by Ms.Ovum

Once I saw her , I knew I needed to get closer. Something told me that I needed to get inside. I got closer and  noticed that many other sperm were already there, but were being kicked out by the little balls. I swam over, hoping to avoid any of the balls.None of them kicked me out. It was almost as they wanted to let me through. But my journey wasn’t done yet. I still had to crack the hard surface of the egg. It melted when I touched the egg. I went to the crack that I made and it was big enough for me to fit, I found the nucleus and I started joining to it. I ejected my DNA into it and thought that I have to do this in order to produce something.

I didn’t know what it was , but it  was called fertilization. I traveled  to Uterusville and attached to the side. Ms.Ovum and I  sank deep into the outer layers of Uterusville as Ms. Ovum and I began mitosis. We split, 2, 4,8 We didn’t stop until we turned into an embryo. An embryo that would eventually become  a baby.

BC.Power Story

We don’t think how we get power to our homes we just know that it is there. There are two main ways we get power Hydroelectric generation and thermal power plants.


Hydroelectric Generation: Water from rain or snow is stored in dams, a barrier that holds the water back. Gates and  meters measure the water flow through the penstocks, large pipes that pour  water into the turbines. When the water hits the turbines it spins. The shaft of these turbines are attached to an electricity generator, changing the kinetic energy of the spinning turbines.

Pros: + no waste

+ uses natrual water

+ Creates a bit of electricity

–  needs 66 719 L of water per day

– Harms wildlife because of turbines

Thermal Power Plants: Water is stored and heated up until it evaporates, turning to super heated steam. This steam spins turbines and like hydroelectric generation, the kinetic energy is turned to electrical energy.

Pros: + Water is reusable

– Pollution from heating the water constantly

the electricity is generated, it goes through a transformer to increase the voltage.


Expanding universe

The balloon was a representation of the universe. The dots were galaxies that were moving farther and farther from each other as the balloon/universe expanded. We have 6 difference galaxies represented with letters a-e and m. M is for Milky Way, our home galaxy which was closest to the neck of the balloon.

The Galaxies that were closest to the neck of the balloon moved the least and the ones that started off the farthest from “m” moved further.

The experiment show how the galaxies are expanding and getting bigger

DNA Bracelet

Genetic code is something found in DNA. It determines everything about you, from your personality to your hair colour. When your body need protein to be formed RNA carries the information out the nucleus and ribosomes read the DNA triplets and de-codes it into the separate amino acids to build proteins.

RNA is when protein needs to be made, that part of DNA that carries the information and RNA comes in to copy the information.

Mutation story

Hi I am a girl and my name is Sally. One day I went to the doctors for a blood test and the labratory was so shocked that they said that you have the rarest blood in the world. The doctors did more tests on Sally and the doctors  went to her parents and told her that you have to protect her from any danger because if she gets hurt or anything bad will happen they will not be able to save her life. Oneday Sally went out with her parents and there was a terrible car accident on the highway. Sally got very hurt and her parents just got a little bit of scratches. Sally lost a lot of blood and she really needed a blood transfusion but nobody in the hospital had her golden blood type. The golden blood gene mutation is a disadvantage because there is no one with golden blood that can save your life. But people with golden blood are super special and they are always protecting themselves because they know that nobody will be able to donate blood for blood transfusion.

part 2

  1. How it effects your whole life
  2. I used google chrome
  3. I read about it in an article
  4. I found words that are hard to understand and then I used a dictionary to define them and make it simplified
  5. I could have explained more about the gene mutation.

Shakespeare stop motion induction scene


Created by Julian Parr-forest, Avery Swedberg, and Dasha, This stop motion movie was based on Shakespeare’s  play, “The Taming of the Shrew”. The movie only featured the induction, not the inset. Meaning it showed the parts leading up to the play. The stop motion format was much simpler than organizing actors, picking parts and practicing, making costumes, writing a script, and building a stage. We only needed Lego pieces, a camera, and a narrator script.

Many problems occurred, especially during the making of the stop motion movie. During the making, the stage would brake, move, and ruin the shot. The characters weren’t any easier to use. They would consistently fall down,and loose parts. Moving them was even worse, the limbs were hard to set, and would misplace the stage. The stop motion application was the worst, the app wouldn’t let us continue with a scene after it’s been edited. At the end of every scene, the app would place an advertisement for itself, making us have to edit the scenes. All of this combined made it a frustrating project, and I don’t remember teachers using this idea in less they have the right technology.

The main lesson we learned was to not discourage ourselves when a problem occurred, and to make sure that we’re focused.

Edible DNA Lab

1) What is DNA?

Today in science I learned about the DNA structure. I learned that DNA is in  the nucleus of a cell, it contains information about what type of cell it is, what it will do, when it will die. It looks like a ladder that is twisted. This shape is called a double helix. The two DNA  sides are made up of phosphate and sugar. The ladder is made of 4 nitrogen bases the bases are Guanine,Cytosine, Adenine and Thymine. The bases can only be paired up with one other base like Guanine with Cytosine and Adenine with Thymine.

2) What do the parts represent?

Licorice: The licorice represents the DNA sides. The licorice also represents the phosphate and sugar.

Marshmallow: The marshmallow represents the 4 nitrogen bases

Toothpicks: held the bases together

I can’t post the pictures sorry


3) This activity helped visually and now I know ho a DNA model looks