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Week-19 Final BLog

Here are the 5 main things I liked my Pre-Caculus 11 class

There was a lot of units I went through and enjoyed and also hated but at the end figured out. But here is my Top 5 things I enjoyed or learned.

1. Geometric Series

Knowing that geometric sequences multiply as they go up other than  add like arithmetic sequences you use the following formula of  tn=t1(r^2) and a series is when you add them all together, so you use the formula Sn=\frac{t1(1-r^n)}{1-r}


2. Multiplying  radical expressions

When it comes to multiply radical expressions there are a few steps you need to do.

a. Foil

B.Simplify answers

c. Add like terms

D. Finish everything else off


First you need to foil the numbers together

Next you need to add the like terms together

Subtract 4 from 3 to get the final answer of -1

3. Factoring Polynomial Expressions

When you factor Polynomial Expressions it is fairly simple. First when you look at the expression you see if there are any numbers are in front of the x^2 because if there are none you move on to the next two numbers. You need to find two numbers which multiply to the third number and add to the next number. If there’s a number in front of the x^2 you need to use the box technique.


4. Absolute Value

Absolute value is a very weird thing, anything found inside of it can only be positive, this is because imagine a line and your in the middle of it and there are two toys on either side of you and both 2m apart. You don’t say one is -2m away and one is 2m away you say they’re both 2m away. Let’s now do an example when absolute value is included in it.


5. Trigonometry: Solving sides of a triangle using Sine law

in Sin law you MUST use the fromula \frac{sinA}{a}=\frac{sinB}{b}=\frac{sinC}{c}. If needing to find an angle  you use this formula, if you need to find a side you use this formula but flipped over.



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