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Week 16-Multyplying and dividing rational Expressions

This week we learned how to multiply and divide rational expressions.

Here are the steps you need to know when face with one of these expressions:

1. Look at the symbol to see if it’s multypling or dividing

2. Simplify to make the question less ugly

3. Calculate

4. See if you are able to simplify again

5. Throughout the process make sure you’re writing the restrictions


Now knowing the steps on how to attack these expressions, let me show an example just to clear anything buggy.

Ex: \frac{-2ab^2}{5a^3b}x\frac{15ab}{-4ab}

knowing this is multiplying you don’t need to flip over the fraction on the right side

Now you simplify to


Now you multiply and get a final answer of


and Bam Boom Pow Now you know how to multiply and divide simple rational expressions

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