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Week-9: Diffrent Equations for quadratic functions

They’re 3 Diffrent Equations which can graph a parabola. And for each equation you need to know what information you get from each equation.

General form: general form is the equation  ax^2 + bx + c,and it can tells how to find the y intercept, if it’s up or down and what it’s congruent to.

Standard form: standard form is the equation y = a(x - p)^2 + q and it’s the most helpful out of the 3 options because you can find the vertex, if it’s up or down, what it’s congruent to and the Axis of symmetry.

Factored form: Factored form is the equation  a(x - x1)(x - x2) and it can tell you what the x intercepts are, if it’s up or down and what it’s congruent to.

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