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Week 4-Multiplying and Dividing Radicals

Now on week four we started to look at multiplying and dividing radicals.

Let do an example:

(2\sqrt{3} + 3\sqrt{5}) (\sqrt{3} - 2\sqrt{5})

First multiply them together and remember unlike adding and subtracting you don’t need to have the same radicand to do the equation.

2\sqrt{9} - 4\sqrt{15} + 3\sqrt{15} - 6\sqrt{25}

Then add the radicals with the same radicand together.

2\sqrt{9} - \sqrt{15} - 6\sqrt{25}

Finally simplify.

\sqrt{36} - \sqrt{15} - (6)(5) 6 - \sqrt{15} - 30

Final answer: -24 - \sqrt{15}

And there you have it, now you know how to multiply radicals.

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