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Short story

Relaxing on my couch on a casual Friday like any other day after returning from a hard day of school. Watching one of my favourite series ever, but then all of a sudden my dad burst out of the door like some and had a bigger smile then the joker in batman. Asking what was happening with a tremble in words. He exclaims like he was shouting into a speaker, we’re going to the Caribbean! I quickly jumped out of the couch like someone injected 10 pounds of sugar into my body and every part of my body was moving faster then never before. rushing over to my dad to clarify he wasn’t lying, and there they we’re, the All mighty tickets more glorious then the gods can ever have. After a long flight to Miami where my family and I would start our adventure.

On the cruise it was like a paradise from basketball to soccer to mini golf all on the same ship! But the slice that took the cake was the free ice cream with the choice of strawberry,chocolate or vanilla which all taste very good. Also we went to a bunch of different restaurants and got to taste some very spicy food. It was so hot like someone just stuck a full jalapeño into your mouth.

Then finally we’ve arrived to our first destination where it’s more hot than the hottest day in Vancouver for the whole year. we went scuba diving. Even at one point we got to a place in the middle of the sea was a shallow place where there was a bunch of sting rays so I got to have one of the sting rays against my back and it felt like some slippery blanket. Also,walking in the streets of Mexico we got to pet the back of a iguana, it felt like you were touching sand paper.

If you would go to Mexico you would need to go to a beach because they are just beautiful. We went to one beach where the sand was white like one of the beaches you would always wanted to go to, it was like you we’re at heaven because the beach was clean and very beautiful.we even went to go look at some of the Mayan places and there are some very weird but nice looking structures that make you think of caveman.

At Mexico some places smelt horrible like someone farted multiple times,but some places it smells like the salty ocean and for me that smells pretty good. In the cruise there’s a restaurant where you can eat your dinner and in there smells like a very expensive place and all the food in there smells out of this world.
At Mexico there are some very good bands and just want to make you get up and dance away. Also in Mexico you can hear the waves of the soothing ocean gliding through your ears and making you remember of the good times you had as a kid.

After all that my family finally returned home and there is was back relaxing on my couch.

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