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Mountain Journey

Dave Conroy was in the wilderness because

You know that Dave Conroy was in trouble was when he can’t light the match so he can’t get fire to warm up his hands.

Some of the things Dave Conroy could’ve of done was make the fire sooner, he also could’ve dried his feet and finally he didn’t camp under the tree.

Dave Conroy needs to go to safety,Dave decides not to sleep under the tree. And then Dave falls Into a pool of water,then Dave doesn’t use the matches to make a fire. Then Dave doesn’t put on a new pair of mittens

It affects the story because he would not need to fight his pride that lead him to his death.

White cottage- something not real.

Eternal-without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing

Immobility-the quality or condition of being immobile or irremovable.

Opaque-not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through.

Reverberation-a reechoed sound

Momentum- force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of event

Cadaverous-of or like a corpse

Congregated-to come together; assemble, especially in large numbers

Inundation-to flood; cover or overspread with water

Filched-to steal (especially something of small value)

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