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cocaine is C17H21NO4 and usually comes from. Colombia,Peru and Bolivia . To make cocaine you need to is to get some leaves from the cocoa plant and then put it into a factory where they make all the cocaine by making the leaves into paste and if those leaves get wet, they are not usable.

Cocaine is not something you put in a cigarette, cocaine is something you snort in so for example you put some cocaine on your finger then you snort it right up your nose.

But after you will have affects like you get really hyper an energetic then become sad and depressed also craving for even more cocaine. Also people who take cocaine sometimes don’t eat or sleep properly. You may also have some muscle spasms and increases the heart rate. It can also increases the risk of having a stroke, heart attack or a seizure.

Some facts about cocaine is about 5000 people per year die just because of some stupid drug that they took because they wanted to look cool then got too addicted to it and died later on. Coke cola used to have some cocaine in it before but fortunately now they don’t put any in.

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