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Mutation Story

My mutation I picked is duchenne muscular dystrophy hope you like it.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


Hello,I am duchenne muscular dystrophy and my hosts is called Benson III, he got me because of a defective gene. So now I am gonna have lots of fun with my new pal. I was caused because there was a mutated gene that fails to produce vitally any functional dystrophin so now here I am ready to make Benson III life the worst that he can ever imagine
Benson III life is now very different because now since he has Duchenne muscular dystrophy he now gets tired way faster so that means Benson can’t play any sports but even if he did have endurance his muscles are very weak and needs a wheelchair because he can’t walk properly. that he needs help to finding a comfortable spot at night. But the misery doesn’t ends there you thought I only affect his muscles right?Nope. I can also affect his brain now Benson III also has learning difficulties so now Benson needs help to read,write and he has troubles speaking now say bye bye to college. If you think I’m done, you’re wrong. Benson III’s IQ is lower than 75, but don’t worry it’s not always gonna be like that because unlike me my family can be nice and give other people with duchenne muscular dystrophy a better IQ . When his parents found out that he had duchenne muscular dystrophy they were devastated because they knew he wouldn’t be able to play sports, have a college or have a normal life so they decided to do a raise for this. So if you ask if someone can stop me and my family, well no one has found anything. So in the meantime me and my family will come to any body we can and have fun and who knows it might even be your children…bye.

I had to search first of all what’s duchenne muscular dystrophy and how does it affect your life and some of the affects there is with duchenne muscular dystrophy.

2. I used google to search up what I needed to know about duchenne muscular dystrophy. I also went on YouTube to see the perspective of a person with duchenne muscular dystrophy.

3. The process I used was finding the main thing about duchenne muscular dystrophy like how it’s caused and if it can be stopped and follow the instructions.

4.I made sure it wasn’t just some Radom guy who doesn’t know anything and made sure it was from people who know what it is.

5.I think it went pretty well but I think I needed to read closer than just taking a look to see what I was looking for was there.

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