Eal skill

Someone who in the picture is very colorful, because she just played before she took this picture.

She seems angry and disappointed,although she is colorful .

maybe she likes purple and orange, because those colors are all on her body and hair.

She couldn’t clean it out,unless she took a shower but there’s no water here.

she was looking at someone that she hated, because she was tricked.

She was eager to kill people,since she was tricked and becomes colorful, but she didn’t.



week 9 pre-calculator

this week I learned about how to solving problems with Quadratic functions, some problems can be solved by writing,  Then graphing a quadratic function. And determining maximum or minimum related to operations with numbers. And modeling a problem for maximizing profits.

Week 5 pre-calculator

this week I did a test and learned about how to solving quadratic equations by factoring.

Zero-Product Property: If we multiply two (or more) things together and the result is equal to zero, then we know that at least one of those things that we multiplied must also have been equal to zero. Put another way, the only way for us to get zero when we multiply two (or more) factors together is for one of the factors to have been zero.

So, if we multiply two (or more) factors and get a zero result, then we know that at least one of the factors was itself equal to zero. In particular, we can set each of the factors equal to zero, and solve the resulting equation for one solution of the original equation.