Great Britain declared War on Germany on August 4 , 1914 . Because the country was under the dominion of the British Empire , Canada automatically became involved . However , the next day the Canadian Governor Genera officially declared War on Germany due to the overwhelming support of the country’s citizens ( The majority of these Were of British descent ) The War Measures Act was both adopted and enacted during the first vear of the war . This statue gave the Canadian government ” sweeping powers ” in times of emergency , to include war . Almost four vears later the statute was altered to give the government even more authority in response to the Russian Revolution in 1917.

97 , 184 men of the Canadian Corps achieved a decisive victory.

Over 300.000 Canadians had been recruited by 1916.

Various Perspectives of Canadian Identity

How do you identify Canada and being Canadian?

English is the first language in Canada. First,you have to can speak English well if you want to being a good Canadian. And how to identify Canada, if a person who speaks English well and living here, he should be a Canadian. The second, being Canadan you must follow the rules and tradition in Canada. Like some holiday, you country may not have. And some big holidays in my country disappear here, like Chinese New Years


My reflection 2017

2017 self -reflection
2017 is a busy, exciting and challenge year in my life, I wasted a half year for study grade 9 stuff in American, but I also had a lot of essays to write. I made a lot of American friends there. Then I come back to China in June. I had a good summer holiday, I and my family went to Malaysia to travel. In August I went to Vancouver downtown language school study English for a month. And September, I started studying in riverside high school. In this year most of my time being abroad, everything is new for me. I began to use English all the time. Sometimes I will lose my way when I’m hanging out by myself, I don’t know the way to come home. Food is also a problem for me, some foods I don’t like it, but I have to eat, like pasta, pizza, I don’t know why local people like to eat them. The last is living habits, sometimes I did something wrong but I don’t know, for example sometimes I’ll spit the rest of the food on the table and it’s not allow, or sometimes forget say not thanks when someone gives you something you don’t want it. But I have already adapted it in this year.