British Govern Quebec

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec. I have chosen the policy of isolation to ensure the colony is properly run because it would let the French, British and natives to have their own space that would lead them to have less conflict and problems in the later future. It would also leave them room to expand their colonies and create a border which would make sense with immigration and stuff along those lines. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is isolation. This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country.

Community Connections Facchineri

Today I have interviewed a footballer that plays for whitecaps and Canada soccer named Gianfranco  Facchineri.

I have chosen this specific person because he recently got signed for the whitecaps and started his footballer career recently which means his career is slowly taking off.

What I have learned from him was is you have to be very focused and passionate about what your doing or else nothing will happen if your not determined to what you want to do, he also demonstrates how you can achieve your dreams if you work hard.


  1. why are you passionate about your job?
  • “I’m passionate because I love what I do and I always have ever since I was young”

2.  What obstacles have you faced to get to where you are today?

  • “there have been major setbacks such as minor injuries and self doubt”

3.  what advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

  • “My best advice would be to enjoy working hard because of the outcome at the end”

4.  would you be open to further riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

  • no answer

5.  how did you get rid of all the people that always doubted you?

  • “the people that doubt you, you have to just ignore and move on”

6.  was being a soccer player your dream?

  • “being a footballer was always my dream”



I then proceeded to talk about how I wanted to become a footballer. here what I said “my dream is to make the whitecaps one day and be a soccer player I’ve been player and practicing every single day I hope I can achieve my dreams one day”

he then responds “I hope you can too bro. All the best”



I gathered all the photos from his instagram page that I have linked already.


Chili Week Reflection


it was the first class of 2020 I walked into class and we were introduced to a new project/challenge we had to make for 3 judges, the food that we had to make was Chili so we and my group worked together to find and plan out a good Chili recipe that will blow the judges mind away, but first our group had to find out what our group name was so we named it ‘kingkongs”, then the day was slowly coming to an end so our group decided to find recipes the next day.


I walked into foods class exited to find a recipe to cook for the judges on Thursday, so then we came across a Chili that looked simple, delicious , and that have the right amount of species to really make the mouth water and it was called “the best simple Chili” we finished our research so then our group had to brainstorm ideas for the Chili name and other information to fallout the sheet mr Brett gave us.


The day we started to whip up the Chili, our group contributed equally by gathering all the ingredients necessary for our Chili recipe once we got all ur ingredients we chopped up the onions once we did that we put it in the hot pot then I stirred the onions and once they were about to turn brown we added the ground beef I broke it apart In the pot and let Ola break it apart as well, once the beef is getting cooked we added the spices for the Chili then the beans and all the other ingredients, then me and Yanni stirred until the bell rang so then we had to cook it for 5 more minutes so our group decided it would be better to do it the next day, we tired the chill and we all knew the chili would be the winner.

Thursday: we walk into class and get our chilis out right away for heating once we did that Lindsey got the ingredients for the braided cheese bread we had to do so she was doing that while me and Yanni were watching over the chili so it doesn’t over cook, once it was good we finished we helped do the braiding with Lindsey then we put it into the oven. Once we finished that we were first up against the judges we presented our dish and they really liked it, but sadly we came in second place

Conclusion: Over all I think my group did very good and we all contributed equally towards eachother, everyone had their own duties and everyone did them right. Good Job