Community Connections

I was able to interview someone of utmost importance to this country. He is a pilot in the Royal Canadian airforce. His name is John Kim. I was always pretty interested in planes so this was a great opportunity for me. I believe that it was immense luck that I got a chance to interview him. I also interviewed a pilot in the Royal Canadian airforce because not everyone gets to say that they are friends with a pilot nonetheless a pilot in the military. I do think that this interview can change my whole mindset.



  1. why are you passionate about your job?

“I am passionate about my job because being a pilot in the airforce is what I wanted to do since I was young as well, serving Canada is something that I set as a goal of mine and being a pilot will allow me to do so.”

2. What obstacles have you faced to get where you are today?

“there is a long application process that is competitive and required me to go to the province of Ontario twice just to get the testing done for my application. additionally, all military officers are not guaranteed to stay in one location for an extended period of time to fulfill the needs of the Canadian armed forces.”

3. what advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

“stay committed, motivated and dedicated to becoming a pilot. Don’t give up and know that becoming a pilot is what you really want.”

4. would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

“yes, I would be open. You can contact me via my email,”

5. what do you think the flaw is to be a pilot in the Royal Canadian airforce?

“If I had to choose, it would be the fact that I would have to live where the military commands me to live.”

6. what are the benefits of being a pilot in the Royal Canadian airforce?

“You get to serve the country, get full pension by age fourty, and get to work with other motivated officers and non-commissioned members of the military from Canada and abroad.”


From this interview, I have learned that it is important to be and remain passionate about your dreams such as being a pilot or being an artist. I have also learned that no matter how hard it is to get a job as long as you endure and remain disciplined and balance your priorities you can do anything. this interview has even made me interested in becoming a pilot. not that it is easy to become one but I would try my best to become one. I think I could have asked a little more in-depth questions but overall I am satisfied by how well this interview went.

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history dinner party


Jesus     wine

Terry fox             wine

Einstein                wine

Socrates              wine

Stephen Hawking             wine



I would invite him for a lot of reasons. Honestly, if I had him there I wouldn’t need anyone else. I would invite him because I am Christian so there would nothing that would please me more than seeing the lord and savior with my naked eye. Other reasons are that he can but may not tell me some secrets of/to life.


Terry Fox:

I would invite terry fox, not for any secrets or anything like that; I would invite him just to thank him for his efforts and tell him that he has pretty much succeeded in his goal/dream. I have also heard that he was Christian which would mean that he would be overjoyed to see Jesus.



There are a few reasons why I would invite Einstein. First and foremost,  he is not a Christian which greatly concerns me and inviting him would mean showing Jesus to him, therefore, proving his existence. This isn’t very relevant but it is very important to me. I would also like to ask him if there is stuff that he hasn’t revealed that he wanted to.


I would invite Socrates for a few reasons. he has his Socratic method also known as maieutic. I would also ask him about some secrets that he couldn’t share before he died. I have studied that there unknown things about Socrates that I would like to know.


Stephen Hawking:

I would invite Stephen hawking for some basic questions such as is there anything different you would have done while you could’ve and another question would you have done anything differently if he wasn’t diagnosed. I would also ask him on his opinion about stuff I would ask Socrates.




Beverage: wine, water: wine for everyone, I had to base it around Jesus because he is the “guest of honor” and wine would be the most appropriate beverage for a situation like this back in that time. The water is for me.

Appetizer: garlic bread: an appetizer that prepares you well for noodles. Also, garlic bread are a generic appetizer that pairs well with pretty much everything.

Main course: soup, croissant with marmalade, soba noodles: a vegan meal for Jesus

Dessert: an average cake: assuming Jesus doesn’t despise cakes, it is an overall decent to good at best dessert









Stephen hawkings                    einstein




Daniel Kim (me)                                                                                                                                 jesus




Mr.hopkins                                        Terry Fox


term one feflection

I think for the first term of math, I did exceptionally well. that was because it was mostly review. but I started declining after the first few months. I started doing worse due to lack of sleep and harder work than there was in the first term. I think I have accomplished/learned a lot in math nine. for example, I learned how to multiply, add, and subtract polynomials, I never been late and was absent only because of a family vacation. I think another accomplishment was being able to learn stuff quickly. my goals for the next semester is simple: don’t get any worse from where I am at right now. since it has been a steady decline from where I started, I want it to be an incline and an incline only (for most of the time).

I think overall, I need to try harder, study more and keep working hard to improve, then maintain my score. I will achieve this goal by using all of my school time and hone time to study hard if there are any tests and if I have any other homework I will. I will also sleep earlier since there are many benefits to sleeping more than there are to sleeping less. although if I slept less, I would get to study more there is no point of studying if you can’t remember anything from the day before/day of because you are sleep deprived (there are other side benefits as well). since I have set this goal I will do everything in my ability to make it come true.


For my inquiry, I chose the topic about stem cells. I was always curious about stem cells because I had always heard they can turn into other cells. I was also curious about neurological diseases because a lot of people around me has been diagnosed with neurological disorders. so this had got me wondering if stem cells can be used to treat neurological diseases. This would benefit me because I would be learning about stem cells which I’ve been curious about and id be able to learn whether I should consider that stem cell therapy can treat the next victim. my main question was “how can stem cells be used to cure neurological disorders? I have found out that (even if it seems obvious) depending on the disease the way to cure the disease is different. for example, if its a disease that makes you lose brain cells at a fast rate, it can be assisted by using stem cells to create brain cells. in conclusion as of right now, stem cell therapy can help us very minimally but in the near future will be very useful and important.

  1. DEFINE: Outline the specifics of the problem.
  2. DISCOVER: Question and Investigate the issue. What are the underlying issues? Who is affected? What stances have certain countries taken on the issue? What other questions need to be researched to get the information needed to take a stand?
  3. DELIVER: Share your opinion through an infographic. Use a format that is as effective as possible. Include media that gets your ideas across
  4. DEBRIEF: Reflect on the quality of the product and the process you went through.

I. the problem with this method is that it can be harmful to the human body at times. it can cause serious harm such as back pain, nausea vomiting etc. (depending on the type of stem cell therapy you get). this is because radiation is required to do the therapy.

II. as I mentioned just before, stem cell therapy can be really dangerous because it is done through radioactivity. some questions I had needed to ask were: how many types of stem cells are there and which one would help treat neurological disorders? and another I needed to ask was “which diseases are not affected by stem cells and what do they have in common?”.

III. my infographic is very short but packed with information. the background theme was just there because it looked nice. the pictures, on the other hand, I put thought into and thought it was appropriate for the paragraphs. The last step was simplifying the complicated scientific words that I had researched online.

IV. the process I went through was researching the materials I would need to find my answer, find out if there are any vocabulary I don’t understand, then find the information that best benefits you and the answer to the question.


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toktw 2018


name of your host: 김요환                         relationship to you: my “sensei” and distant relative

1.q: what is your job title?

a: taekwondo master

2.q: what is your job description?

a: teaching new and former taekwondo students to be better

3.q: what are the duties and/or tasks you perform at your job

a: I teach my students how to protect themselves and ensure their safety

4.q: what qualifications do you have for this job in these areas?

a)training? has done taekwondo for over 20 years

b)education? has been taught for over half of his life

c)experience? has been teaching for almost 10 years

d)skills and attributes? knows how the human body works which makes him wise and knows how to skillfully do kicks and is bilingual so he can teach in Korean and English

5.q: what are some of the things you like about the job?

a: I like seeing the people making the best of what they learned from my teaching

6.q: what are some of the things you dislike about this job?

a: I dislike when my students continuously disobey me

7.q: how do you anticipate this job changing in the next five years or so?

a: this job will be a little easier with the advancement of technology


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Student reflections

1. give three reasons why you would like this job:

a) I would like this job because teaching was always my interest

b) I also already have a little experience which prepares me more than a lot of other jobs

c) I am only a few years away from being able to teach legally


2. give three reasons why you would not like this job

a ) I would not like this job because I have a somewhat short temper

b) I am not always open and extroverted

c) I am not very comfortable being in front of a big crowd


3. is this a job for you?

it depends whether the people who would apply is willing to adapt as would I


4. Explain the value of TOKTW experience in relation to your idea about your post-secondary plans.

TOKTW would help me if I need a job post-secondary and if I need experience for the job, then TOKTW would prove to be very useful


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detergent inquiry


Does the price of the detergent the effectiveness of the cleanliness?



The expensive detergent will have the greater outcome.



The materials needed for this experiments are:

1 10 ml Graduated


Use only 2 – 5 ml of each detergent

Woolite Complete Detergents 10ml

Sunlight Morning Fresh Detergent 10ml

Tide Cold Water Detergents 10ml

Western Family Ultra Detergent 10ml


Tupperware Container

Coca Cola 1.25L

Rag divided into 4 squares


steps you need to take for safety is to get safety glasses from safety glasses box and wear until lab is finished and are all cleaned up


1.        Measure out 7 milliliter into a graduated cylinder

2.        Take one square of coke over towel and put it into a 500 ml beaker

3.        Measure up to the 300 ml mark on the beaker

4.        Pour into beaker

5.        Mix towel with detergent for 3 mins

6.        Take out towels and place it on 2 paper towels out flat

7.        Let it dry

8.        Rinse and dry graduated cylinder

9.        Repeat for all 4 towels

10.      Rinse out cylinder in the sink

11.      Repeat for all 4 towels

12.      Observe towel


sunlight: 4th cleanest



ultra: 3rd cleanest


woolite: 2nd cleanest



Tide: cleanest



The results were as i imagined as the most expensive had the best results.

I wonder if ti were to hold a different outcome if we used a different liquid.

I learned that since the more expensive detergents hold the best results because it uses better ingredients ( most of the time).



My digital footprint

1. How digital footprint affect our future?

When we look for a job or apply for university or college, the people who hire does a background check and checks if you have posted or said anything bad, or look for previous job. If the outcome is negative they wont let you apply.


photo from

Photo from

2. Name three strategies that could use to keep your digital footprint

There are strategies to keeping your digital footprint. There are three strategies i will be sharing.

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  1. Don’t post anything inappropriate and/or careless. As simple as it sounds, it is tempting to write a few swear words and stuff that aren’t true.
  2. Have a private account. You can always make two accounts, one for posting personal stuff and the other for business or professional account. Even if you use this strategy, you still shouldn’t be too careless.
  3. Remember, whatever you post online, it stays there FOREVER! It is always good to remember that even if you delete a post, it is permanent.

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3. What have i learned that can be useful to other people?

The useful stuff i learned that i can share with other students are: digital footprints are that i should be careful what i post and check for grammatical errors. Also remember that whatever i post it can and will be used against me.

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Enhancing neuro regeneration


Neuro regeneration is a pretty interesting concept. People once thought that neuro cells weren’t regeneratable but in 2010 scientists found out that nerve cells DO regenerate just at a much slower pace than a normal cell. I had many questions about the nerve cells but mainly the regenerating part of nerve cells. For example, how do they regenerate and why do they regenerate so slowly. Another term for neuro regeneration can be neurogenesis. it is the creation of new cells. Neurogenesis helps with memory, mood stability and reparing damage from substance abuse.

But those questions had a lot more flaws than my current question. My question is: can we make neuro regeneration quicker and if we can, how? Some scientists say that there is a switch that redirects helper cells in the peripheral nervous system into “repair” mode, a form that restores damaged axons, has been discovered by scientists, a new report outlines

The axon is one of the three main components of the neuron.

Axon Collaterals: branches that diverge from the main axon at right angles. …

Axon Hillock: juncture of the (neuron cell body) and axon. …

Axon Membrane: the membrane that surrounds the axon. …

Axon Terminal: tiny end of each branch of an axon.

Image result for axon branches

The enhancements of axons also help the regeneration of peripheral cells. Axons are long fibers on neurons that transmit nerve impulses. The peripheral nervous system, the signaling network outside the brain and spinal cord, has some ability to regenerate destroyed axons, but the repair is slow and often insufficient. The “switch” lies in the axon branches. The new study suggests tactics that might trigger or accelerate this natural regrowth and assist recovery after physical injury.Some common requirement to increasing the speed of neuro regeneration is in the periphery and for sustaining synaptic inputs onto injured motoneurons. There are different ways for you’re nerve cells to be damaged. For example, neurapraxic injuries, morphological and physiological changes are fully reversible with repair and restoration of function to the cell membranes of the axon and surrounding Schwann cells.

A way to create nerve cells can be through stem cells. Stem cells are generally known to be useless but if the scientists can “teach” it to turn into a nerve cell it can increase memory etc. Turning stem cells isn’t complete and is still being researched so this would be irrelevant for the next few years.Finding these solutions to creating neuron cells gave me a sense of security

I have found many ways to create nerve cells but I couldn’t find a way to make nerve cell regeneration any quicker. But, Through this one question, I had a lot more questions to come from it. Some questions like, is it bad too have TOO many nerve cells? how do animal brain cells work? Are memories a physical thing? And what is the minimum amount of nerve cells u need to live? These are questions that can probably be answered within 1-3 days but I need a way to conclude this wonder project. So my conclusion is, science hasn’t gone far enough to make nerve cells regenerate quicker but I am only a ninth grader and that is the conclusion that I came up with.







  1. I had to ask questions about neuro science.
  2. I used edublog for my assignment for something new
  3. I had to find simple questions regarding neuro cells
  4. The sites were verified by certified people and statistics were based off of scientific research
  5. The process was challenging because i couldnt find the answer. I could have researched more and hopefully found some answers.