term one feflection

I think for the first term of math, I did exceptionally well. that was because it was mostly review. but I started declining after the first few months. I started doing worse due to lack of sleep and harder work than there was in the first term. I think I have accomplished/learned a lot in math nine. for example, I learned how to multiply, add, and subtract polynomials, I never been late and was absent only because of a family vacation. I think another accomplishment was being able to learn stuff quickly. my goals for the next semester is simple: don’t get any worse from where I am at right now. since it has been a steady decline from where I started, I want it to be an incline and an incline only (for most of the time).

I think overall, I need to try harder, study more and keep working hard to improve, then maintain my score. I will achieve this goal by using all of my school time and hone time to study hard if there are any tests and if I have any other homework I will. I will also sleep earlier since there are many benefits to sleeping more than there are to sleeping less. although if I slept less, I would get to study more there is no point of studying if you can’t remember anything from the day before/day of because you are sleep deprived (there are other side benefits as well). since I have set this goal I will do everything in my ability to make it come true.

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  1. Exactly right about sleep! When I was in university, getting 8 hours of sleep was my priority over studying. I did study too, but if I didn’t have enough sleep none of the material makes sense.
    Also, to help with test stress, I used to study hard and do all the practice, but then on test day I would tell myself that it didn’t matter. One test won’t hurt you much. That attitude, on test day, helped me relax so I could focus and remember what I did know!

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