Inquiry post for the poem “what do you remember of the evacuation”


How is one affected by discrmination?


In the poem ” What Do You Remember Of The Evaluation”, the author Joy Kogawa told her childhood story of her in the Japanese evacuation in BC.  She says in the lines 33,34 ” Who said Don’t insult me when I Proudly wrote my name in Japanese.” Just think if you were a child and you wrote your name in another language and that was  considered an insult. Just because one isn’t white and doesn’t look like the “perfect Canadian ” they decide to throw them out. Just because one speaks another language or writes in a different language doesn’t make them bad.  Because of what they’ve done to these children they now want to be white so they can be like everyone else. As she wrote in the last 2 lines of the poem ” All the children in his sight That I might be white.” Clearly stating that they wanted to become another race so they can fit in.