East Side Mario’s delicious food and a happy place




Eh, badda bim baddo boom badda bing! The sound that leads to my favourite restaurant. The one and only East Side Mario’s. As soon as the idea eating out comes up my whole family doesn’t even discuss it we immediately drive down to East Side Mario’s. As soon as I see the lady liberty crown that lays on top of the restaurant my stomach grumbles with excitement. As we enter the 7ft tall doors you immediately get smacked in the face with the most delicious and wonderful scents you could think of! I sort of imagine myself in the Italian version of New York because of all the sounds of people talking, the surprisingly comfy wooden chairs that makes me think of all the beautiful woodwork they had in Italy! Also the big lady liberty holding a tomato instead of a torch which always makes me happy to see. As soon as I get a hold of a menu I can’t ever decide between the big juicy barbecue ribs always with the side of the best mash potatoes in the world! It’s the perfect combination and who doesn’t love getting their fingers a little bit messy because who am I kidding as soon as you take your first bite there’s no way you’ll put them back down. Or the creamiest Alfredo cheese pasta dosed on top with Parmesan and sprinkled with spinach always adding the green factor. I always end up choosing the Alfredo cheese pasta because who doesn’t love slurping in the noodles and occasionally getting some splats on your face?! As we wait for our food there’s never one dull moment because either the waiters bring you some of the best garlic bread you’ll ever taste in the world or some salad to munch on. Or even playing tic tac toe with the little kids menus my dad still asks for so we can play some games waiting for the meal. But as soon as the plate hits the table it’s chow time the mouth savouring pasta just sliding in and as soon as I know it, it’s gone. As we pay for our check we leave satisfied, not too expensive and you receive a little mint on your way out with big friendly smiles saying ” we hope to see you again soon!” And with that we for sure will return and now it’s time for you guys to go try it out yourselves.