Cascadia Subduction Zone

  1. In this documentary it showed evidence Plate Boundary, Subduction Zone, First Nation stories, stories about the mega  earthquake that happened years ago, how all the trees have fallen down upon layers and layer off the Washington coast, The buildings fallen down. How everything effected the environment around and what affected the people.
  2. Because for every new piece of evidence found, it supports the next. So the amount of evidence they showed in the video proves  that something very disastrous has happened a long time ago. The facts don’t lie. Especially with the additional stories of the tsunamis which show that it must have happened at one point.
  3. I learned that if a mega earthquake would occur, it could probably destroy some major cities like Vancouver and even Seattle. Also that a tsunami could reach a shore from anywhere of 45-30 minutes.


Part 2:  I talked to 2 older ladies, and they both said it didn’t have much of an impact on them. One of them said that it felt like they were on a small roller coaster because they were sitting on the couch, and the other one said she was sleeping.

Earthquake Kit

I didn’t have an earthquake kit so I had to make one with the following.

Cash money, Toques, gloves, tape, rope,  cards, warm blanket, needed medication, flashlight, scissors, bandaids/ first aid, matches.

probably need  to add water, and it’s not the most sufficient kit to survive.  But it’s a good start.