Shrinky Art – Scale Math Lab

My object I made was a minecraft head out of plastic. The one on the left is the first we put before the oven, and the right one is after it came out of the oven. They both looked the same only the sizes changed after being in the oven by 77.5%. It had the same shape also but it curled after it was in the oven and same as for people next to me had theirs curled after in the oven. the piece of plastic was very hot after it was in the oven. If I could change one thing for my plastic If i redid it, I would’ve probably put some color on.


The Cremation of Sam Mcgee Questions

1. Where was Sam McGee’s hometown?
Sam McGee’s hometown is in Tennessee.

2. Why was Sam traveling in the Arctic?

He was traveling in the Arctic because there was a lot of gold there.

3. What was the last request that Sam made to Cap?
“You’ll cremate my last remains.
Sam’s last request was to be cremated.

4. How did Cap feel about his promise after some time had passed?
Cap felt like he regretted after a while.

5. What happened to Cap’s sled dogs? How did this make things worse for Cap?

The dogs had to be fed and they started to get tired, this turned out bad for him which made the route harder and longer.

6. Why was Cap unable to cremate Sam’s remains in the wilderness?
He couldn’t cremate Sam’s remains because he didn’t have anything to burn.

7. Where did Cap ultimately cremate Sam’s remains?
Cap cremated his remains in a furnace.

8. Hours after placing Sam’s body in the goiler, Cap looked inside. What did he see?

When he looked into the furnace, he saw Sam and he was oddly alive and they started talking to each other.

The Cremation of Sam McGee
Section 2
Critical Thinking Questions

Complete these questions on your own and in full sentences.

1. You know that theme is the message the author wants you, the reader, to walk away from this poem with. What is the message/theme Robert Service is trying to share with you? Be able to support your theme with evidence from the poem.

I think that the theme of the story is to never give up and to trust your friends, because Cap could’ve died or even not cremated his friend’s body. But he didn’t , and now he had gotten the gold.

2. What does this passage mean to you, “In the days to come, though my lips were dumb, in my heart how I cursed that load!”

This passage means that he is getting fewer days and his lips are numb from the cold.

3. In your opinion, why didn’t Cap go back on his promise? Sam would have never known!
I think Cap did not go back on his promise, because he was his friend.

4. What really happened when Cap opened that boiler? Did he really see the ghost of Sam? Was he hallucinating? What do you think, and why do you think this?

I think he was hallucinating because he hasn’t seen a human in days and he saw his friend.

Character Recipe B

 Character traits recipe

Batman smoothie: Today I will be making a delicious Batman smoothie with my delicious ingredients. I first grab a cup of bravery for the powder, a little dash of Athleticism to give it a taste, a pinch of quickness or you can add strength in if you wanted to for the powder. Once we have the powder out of the way then we start adding the yummy stuff. We dice a full cup of Justice, cup of hero, and a little sprinkle of Jokester for the Joker sauce just to add a little bit more of bursting flavour. To top it off, we flake little pieces selfishness, seriousness, and trustworthiness. Once done all that we pour everything in the blender and we it mixes away.

  • Bravery
  • Athleticism
  • quickness
  • strength
  • Image result for Batmanjustice
  • heroic
  • jokester
  • selfishness
  • seriousness
  • trustworthiness


Veldt Questions

“The Veldt” Post-Reading Questions

Please write your answers in complete sentences.

1. How would you describe each of the four main characters? George: He is Peter and Wendys Dad that has a lot of problems with his children.

Lydia: She is Peters and husband and also Peter and Wendys mom who also has lttle struggles but gives them a chance.

Peter: Peter is a 10 year ood boy who is loves the nursery that have a lot of thoughts and problems in the story.

Wendy: She is Peters sister that also has problems and that are pychos.

2. What mistakes have George and Lydia made in raising their children? Give examples.
Making them spoiled with technology, Having whatever they want.
3. Who is parenting the children in the story? Explain.
I think the parents tried to parent Peter and Wendy but it the nursery took advantage of them.
4. What message or moral is Ray Bradbury trying to send his readers about technology? (THEME) Give examples from the story to support this theme.
To not get controlled by technology and do soemthing miserable.
5. What conflicts do the characters in the story face? Give examples.
Doing horrible things to their parents, Being in the nursery.
6. “The Veldt” was published in 1951. It offers a view of what Bradbury predicted family life and technology would be like around the year 2000. Is it an accurate view? Why or why not? What predictions are correct? Incorrect? What does he leave out? Yes of how it can control us in ways but no as in how reallsitic having the nursery would be like.

COL volunteer, employment opportunity’s

Volunteer link:

Employment link:

My employment I chose is  “Tim Hortons Management”. This opportunity could benefit me in multiple ways such as making me help the community, would help my experience for the near future and would just  make me a better overall organized person. In order for me to have the opportunity is to be responsible enough for all the work that comes to me and other responsible things such as being at Tim Hortons also. The current skills I am confident about bringing in to the job is taking a big role in the opportunity I get, communications skills and etc.

Volunteer: My volunteer opportunity I chose is “Youth Led Basketball Program” for the Port Coquitlam community. I am confident that this opportunity will allow me to help others on the fundamentals on basketball while I have fun and to have a brighter future for motivation. I am very passionate about this because I have been playing basketball for a long time and I feel like I can share the fundamentals to other kids for support.

Autobiography in a word B


Hi my name is Danial, I am in grade 9 and I am Athletic. This word represents me in a lot of individual things. Firstly I practice basketball almost daily between 2 to 5 hours but back in grade 8 I played 3 to 6 hours just because in my old school they had the gyms open after school till around 7:00 pm almost every day. As a now, there are basically no open gyms after school in Riverside unfortunately which kind of sucks but I guess it will be okay. As a result of that I currently go to open gyms around the area but on the weekends I sometimes go to gyms far from Port Coquitlam to go to my AAU league games, tournament games, and just if I want to ball at other good open gyms. Secondly I have won multiple basketball trophies and some other stuff such as some track and field medallions. For my basketball achievements I have 4 MVP (most valuable player), 2 Game – MVP’s, and 1 MIP (most improved player) trophies. Unfortunately I quit track and field at age 13 because for me personally I felt like track and field took a lot of my time though I do spend time on my core agility on my free time. I felt like I could be using the time on something l actually like doing way more that helps me with what I need to work on. Thirdly, I have been in multiple basketball training combine events which is basically an event where u show off your individual basketball talent, athleticism and overall how valuable you are for different provincial and AAU teams so scouts can see the talents of the guys. Combine events include drills such as shooting, finishing, agility, strength, footwork, basketball footwork, vertical checks and way more. Last basketball combine I evented in I had a 19 inch standing vertical and I had a 23 inch running vertical but that was around the start of grade 8 back in Burnaby where I used to live. And last but not least back when I was around age 4 to 9 I used to play soccer which was basically the very first sport I ever grew playing and started watching. Furthermore when I started to get older, I fell in love with basketball. I just loved the game itself and I really liked watching the NBA and basketball games. My favourite players at the time when I was started watching the NBA were LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard but now I really dislike Kevin Durant just because of what he did with his decision going towards the Golden State Warriors. Although all I wrote about was mostly about basketball, I can guarantee you that when you hang out with me you’ll will still probably be hearing a lot of things about basketball.

chemistry inquiry 9 project

Power Point link :

E words

Establish: Focused on putting an enough fair effort.

Envision: Tried to put enough information as i can find for resource.

Execute: I decided to make a power point on multiple “how basketball connects with gravity” questions.

Examine: I thought that the project went fair enough.

D words 

Discover: Most difficult problem for me was trying to find enough good questions to put in the power point for me to answer.

Deliver: I researched on my questions to then compile it into my power point.

Debrief: I think it ended out pretty decent all at the end and hopefully I had enough information to enclose the questions.