Food Studies Ads 10

Product 1.

Product name: Edeka 2015 Christmas Commercial

2) At the beginning, everything seems a littler darker and grey. The grandpa seems depressed that the families couldn’t make it to his house during Christmas. This continues for most of the ad, but at the end, when the family finally comes to his house, the colors seem more vibrant and vivid. 

3) The emotion that the ad is trying to evoke is probably sadness. The ad begins with the grandpa feeling alone and depressed, and when the grandpa fakes his death, the ad makes it look like he actually died. At the end, we figure out that the grandpa faked his death and it makes us feel happy/ relieved that the grandpa is alive and that the family reunited again. 

4) I don’t think that the ad it targeting any age in particular, and it is just telling us to “come home” and spend time with our family. The fact that the families only came after the grandpa “died” shows that the families would only come when something severe happened. The ad is telling us to spend the time we have with our families. 

5) I think that this ad uses an appeal to emotion and a fear tactic. First, they use the need for family by showing that the grandpa wants to see his kids and family members, and even goes as far as to fake his death for it. They also use the fear of death, by making the grandpa appear dead to get the family back together. 


Product 2: Brotherly love                                  

2) The colors are vibrant but the older brother keeps bullying the younger brother.  This continues for most of the video. Most of the scenes contain a coke bottle, which is what the advertisement is promoting. 

3) The emotion that the video is trying to evoke is most likely empathy or sympathy. It shows things that siblings can most likely relate to, where the older sibling “bullies” the younger sibling and always gets away with it. At the end, the younger sibling is getting picked on by 3 other kids, and when the older sibling sees this, he comes to save his brother. During the ad, the brother shows no emotions toward his brother and doesn’t seem to share, but at the end, the brother gives the coke bottle to the younger brother, and shows that he cares. 

4) I think that the ad is trying to appeal to younger audiences, or siblings. The siblings can relate to what is happening in the ad. They put coke as their main drink in during their dinner, which wouldn’t normally happen in real life. 

5) The ad uses appeals to emotion and associations. They appeal to the need for family by making the brothers tease each other, and then at the end, they end up helping each other out. It also has associations to happiness because the younger brother was always getting teased and annoyed by his older brother. At the end, the younger brother is finally happy because the older brother helps him get the coke back from the bullies. He also realizes that his brother cares about him and this ad is powerful because many siblings can relate to it. 


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