The Sea Devil Questions and Vocabulary

The Sea Devil Questions


  1. He didn’t have to fish for living, or even for food. He was a man who worked with his head, no with hi hands. But he liked to cast alone. He liked the loneliness and the labor of it. The man is caught by the manta and he almost die. He’s unable to see what he’s catching when it’s night outside and dark.


  1. a) The man accidentally netting a huge Manta Ray and becoming attached to the ray after the rope twists around his wrists.
  2. b) The man mentioned he let the baby porpoise go.


c)The man took one last deep breath, and he went down under the black water until he was sitting on the bottom of the bay.


  1. The complicating incident: The man decides to only let his net go, when he sees more swirls.

A single crisis: He realized that he had caught a sea devil instead of some mullets.

The climax: When he accepts that he could die.

The resolution: He let the mullet go and he will never go casting alone at night.

The ending: It’s a happy ending because he was saved.


  1. Civilized world is everywhere people live in well-organized. Primitive world is where its only natural aspects of earth.


In the beginning of the story, he said that the world is much different from the 20th century. It’s an example of the civilized world and primitive world. For my opinion, the references of the planes and the causeway a symbol to show that the people have accomplished. The causeway is to overcome the struggles. Man’s wife is resting at home, and safe.


  1. The man learns not to be hunter and how to be more empathetic. He released the mullet because he felt sorry for the mullet.


  1. Simile: “A great horned thing shot like a huge bat of the water”

Personification: “Behind him, the lights glowed in the cheerful room”

Simile: “A school of sardines surfaced suddenly, skittering along like drops of mercury”




  • Sullen: bad tempered and sulky; gloomy.
  • Weltering: move in a turbulent fashion.
  • Elemental: Primary or basic
  • Sinewy: (of a person or animal) learn and muscular.
  • Hoisted: raise or haul up.
  • Phosphorescence: light emitted by a substance without combustion or perceptible heat.
  • Cordage: cords or ropes, especially in a ship’s rigging.
  • Exhilaration: feeling of great happiness and excitement.
  • Atavistic: a recurrence to a past style, manner, outlook, or activity.
  • Centrifugal: moving away from a center.
  • Gauntly: Barren, desolate
  • Impeding: to slow the movement, progress, or action of something.
  • Tenaciously: very determined to do something.
  • Respite: a period of temporary delay.
  • Equilibrium: a state of balance, one force is not stronger than the other.
  • Imminent: about to happen



A Mountain Journey Questions

  1. He was going on an adventurous journey to Terrace Greek. He also likes to travel and explore. He was trapping and hunting out in wilderness.
  2. At McMorran’s cabin. The reader knows the protagonist is in serious trouble.
  3. A) He arrived at the cabin. He knew that from falling in the water he had to make a fire however as he went to go light a match, he couldn’t because his hands were freezing cold that it wasn’t possible.
  4. B) He heard calling after him on the tree, then he knew that he should have stayed under it, instead of continuing to reach the cabin.
  5. C) He got parts of him wet and on his mind, he thought to keep going to the cabin and make a fire there instead of as soon as that incident in the water happened.
  6. Dave Conroy who is distant from everyone else in the timberland worn out and attempting to discover sanctuary to avert his destruction. He is an experienced trapper and is extremely tired after 6 weeks of travelling. It was wintertime mid-February in modern BC in Alberta. A man is in the mountain and he’s in solitude starting episode: when he goes past the ideal tree rising activities: when he falls in the waterway, the house is burned to the ground, he can’t light a fire. When he lays down in the snow was the climax. Falling action: when he starts hallucinating.
  7. In wintertime, mid-February, Canada, Northern BC/Alberta he went to divorce a place alone with no one in the water which will affect the character a lot.
  8. The tree that called his name was wisdom. A sign for him to stay, instead of going.
  9. “No more swashing under trees”- the word swashing refers to water splashing. “He would travel till he could travel no more”- rhythm. “No wind blew, and his breath rose white and yellow before him.” -saying how cold he was. “The red sun, topping the range across the valley, shone upon him.” The red sun refers how warm the sun was after it was freezing cold it’s like a since of relief.”



A Mountain Journey Vocabulary

Eternal: Mist, like the shadow of universal darkness on the treeless summit, moved about him, searched every crevice of the mountain land, roamed in great billow, formed in the blindness and suffering of eternal homelessness.

Immobility: The rolling alplands, a white sea frozen into weary immobility, became a broken parkland and he made long sweeping turns around clumps of spruce and balsam.

Opaque: Tears smarted in his eyes and through them he saw the landscape opaque and blurred as though it were vibrating to the speed of his passage.

Reverberation: It broke with a low muffled reverberation, startling as if the river had spoken.

Momentum: As he looked back, while still sliding forward with the momentum of his descent, the ice broke beneath him.

Cadaverous: It was though he were engaged in some fantastic pursuit with those ski points always just beyond him, their tight cheeks pulled back into a cadaverous grin.

Congregated: Snow, as if it had garnered light from the day, cast upwards a shadowless glow and Conroy saw close to him the black butts of congregated logs, a corners of the cabin, draped in white, rising lonely as monument left by men hundred years ago.

Inundation: It was as though the cabin had subsided into the snow that rose like a slow inundation to cover it.

Beggared:  A beggared moon from behind a grey rack of clouds wandered in the sky above the earth’s desolation and in its light he perceived on the slope above him, where the fire had leaped from the cabin, stiff, branchless trees, like a parade of skeletons climbing up the mountainside.

Filched: He stooped lower still and finally, pressing it between his wrists, filched it out.


On the Sidewalk Bleeding News Article

NA News                                         March 1960s 


A boy found dead after stabbing below his rib cage 


day on a rainy March in New York City, the night in 11:30, a boy got stabbed on the sidewalkThe victim wore a bright purple silk jacket, and the lettering across the back of the jacket read THE ROYALS. The boy that got stab is name Andy. He had been stabbed ten minutes ago. The knife entered just below his rib cage and had been drawn across his body violently, tearing a wide gap in his flesh. He was ambushed by the member of the guardians. 


Photo Taken by New York Post.  

Once he joined the Royal gang, he had many terrible fights and this experience had involved Andy.   

The couple Freddie and Angela came into the alley suddenly. They found the victim was lay bleeding in the rain on the sidewalk 

“We found a boy lay bleeding in the rain, I asked him he’s cut, and he nodded. I saw the lettering on the jacket. THE ROYALS. He’s a Royal,” said Freddie 

We didn’t know what to do because if we get a cop the Guardians will find out who and I hesitated. So, we left him. I got panic,” said Angela.  

I found him in the alleyway in a minute past midnight. I left the dance to look for him. When I found him, I told him I’m Laura, he didn’t answer. I ran from the alley hysterically and didn’t stop running until I found the cop,” said Andy’s girlfriend, Laura.              

Laura mentioned that Andy had left the jump to get a package of cigarettes. He had told me he would be back in a few minutes, and then he had gone  

downstairs and found the candy store closed.  

“He’s dead. I picked up the jacket and turned it over in my hands, he’s a Royal,” said Adrian the cop.                                                              



Gender Inequality Article

This Article is about that women still face pregnancy prejudice, sexual harassment, and gender gap. It says that condones a culture of inequity against women. It also talks about although there’s no disparity in lower levels of education and work, higher ranks often reveal opposite. While the starting pay for college graduates is the same for both gender, a gap starts to broaden going up to post-graduate, and have supervisory levels. It involves the women that are pregnant, students, and gender pay gap. I chose this article because, first of all, this news is from Philippines and I’m Filipino, and they talked about how Filipinas (women in Philippines) are rather freer career-wise. I understand that because I already know that Filipinas have several jobs/works, just to have enough money. This news article and from the story have connections. From this article, women can do anything, they get several jobs just to have money. From the story, the part when Alma asked the teacher, why can’t girls carry the water bucket. I think from the article and from the story, it relates because like, why can’t women get a big job like boys have, and probably the payments too. Why do women have to have several jobs/works just to have a bigger money. And from the story, why can’t the girls carry the water bucket because I believe that at least some the girls can carry the water bucket. Girls can also do anything what boys do. For example, it doesn’t mean you’re a girl you can’t play basketball, because there are still girls that can be able to play basketball and other sports not just boys. All people should be treated the same.

The Friday Everything Changed EnglishC9

The Friday Everything Changed Questions

1.Because they think that boys are the strongest and that they get time from school.

2.They exclude them, ruin their stocking, throw things to them, pulls hair. Girls stick up for each others.

3.She thinks that it doesn’t matter who carry the water bucket.

4.No one protested because she made everyone scared, because she slammed the desk.

5.It’s interesting because the girls and boys were having a fight because of what they want. Interesting message about the gender equalities, girls can also do what boys can do.

6.Boys and girls are treated the same. All people should be treated the same.

7. Miss Ralston, I remembered when I thought differently, that you looked really mad when you come out to ring the bell and we’re hanging around the entry door like a bunch of scared chickens, Dories Pomeroy said to Miss Ralston. I don’t remember that, Alma said. Oh I think I remembered, it’s because I ring that old handbell as if I wished all those yelling boy’s heads were under it, Miss Ralston said.



Digital Footprint


Dana Audrice Dela Cruz

Image result for social media transparent digital footprint

How might you digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples.

-It may inspire others just do whatever they want to do in their future and do what makes them happy.

-When you’re looking or applying for a job, companies can look up your information and about you online by searching up in social media and more things that can look up things about you.

Related image

Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

-You need to make sure you have privacy setting/account on your social media. So you can decide who can see what you’re posting.

-Make sure you always THINK before you post.

-Keep your passwords and every personal details secure.

-Don’t ever give away your personal information.


Image result for digital footprint infographic

What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

I learned that Digital Footprint is permanent. Whether it’s positive or negative, for every one of your online actions there is a permanent record. So ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU POST!

We don’t know what can happen to our social media/accounts,make sure everything are secured and always make sure your posts are appropriate, because our life can affect our future. THINK BEFORE YOU POST!


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