A Mountain Journey Questions

  1. He was going on an adventurous journey to Terrace Greek. He also likes to travel and explore. He was trapping and hunting out in wilderness.
  2. At McMorran’s cabin. The reader knows the protagonist is in serious trouble.
  3. A) He arrived at the cabin. He knew that from falling in the water he had to make a fire however as he went to go light a match, he couldn’t because his hands were freezing cold that it wasn’t possible.
  4. B) He heard calling after him on the tree, then he knew that he should have stayed under it, instead of continuing to reach the cabin.
  5. C) He got parts of him wet and on his mind, he thought to keep going to the cabin and make a fire there instead of as soon as that incident in the water happened.
  6. Dave Conroy who is distant from everyone else in the timberland worn out and attempting to discover sanctuary to avert his destruction. He is an experienced trapper and is extremely tired after 6 weeks of travelling. It was wintertime mid-February in modern BC in Alberta. A man is in the mountain and he’s in solitude starting episode: when he goes past the ideal tree rising activities: when he falls in the waterway, the house is burned to the ground, he can’t light a fire. When he lays down in the snow was the climax. Falling action: when he starts hallucinating.
  7. In wintertime, mid-February, Canada, Northern BC/Alberta he went to divorce a place alone with no one in the water which will affect the character a lot.
  8. The tree that called his name was wisdom. A sign for him to stay, instead of going.
  9. “No more swashing under trees”- the word swashing refers to water splashing. “He would travel till he could travel no more”- rhythm. “No wind blew, and his breath rose white and yellow before him.” -saying how cold he was. “The red sun, topping the range across the valley, shone upon him.” The red sun refers how warm the sun was after it was freezing cold it’s like a since of relief.”


A Mountain Journey Vocabulary

Eternal: lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning.

Immobility: the state of not moving; motionless. (Inability to move or be moved)

Opaque: not able to be seen through; not transparent.

Reverberation: prolongation of a sound; resonance. (A continuing effect; a repercussion.)

Momentum: the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity. (the impetus gained by a moving object.)

Cadaverous: resembling a corpse in being a very pale, think, or bony.

Congregated: gather into a crowd or mass.

Inundation: an overwhelming abundance of people or things. (flooding)

Beggared: reduce (someone) to poverty.

Filched: pilfer or steal (something, especially a thing of a small value) in a casual way.


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