October foods 12 reflection Cheese

DIY Cheese

Why did you choose to reflect on this lab?

It was the most interesting, when I think of the creation of cheese I think of 10 year aging then going through the process of fermentation, but we just made it within one hour with tons of milk. I’m not a big fan of cheese but I’m a big fan of melted cheese. I was excited for the final product of the cheese so I can go home and slap it in the microwave and eat it as my wishes desire.

Did you enjoy the lab? Why or why not?

Making the cheese was a absolute blast, watching the milk boil and stirring the cauldron of cheese made me feel like a witch, and it was mesmerizing while watching the curds form, it was similar to a swamp popping up mud bubbles but in my situation it was popping up cheese bubbles. And our freedom to flavor the cheese was amazing, the cabinet filled with enough spaces to make the air taste good, but my partner chose dill and it was almost ruined, can’t blame him since I told him I wouldn’t be bothered with his choice of flavoring.

Did your product turn out the way you had hoped?

I didn’t know how the cheese would turn out, I thought it would be like a portion of a cut cheese wedge but we just made a clump of cheese. I wasn’t disappointed since I was going to melt it either way. The process of making it made the cheese look a bit nasty but when the final product came around the corner it was actually quite descent looking. My cheese didn’t look the best or smell the best but it tasted pretty good. I wouldn’t make it again since it took way too much milk

Did you group work well together during the lab?

The group was very cooperative, I think I was the one that kind of let down since I wasn’t scooping the cheese fast enough to the cheese cloth and many other small mistakes, but it didn’t seem to contribute to the final product because it turned out great.

If you were to do this lab again, what might you do differently?

I would speak up about the flavoring, I’m not a big fan of dill, and I should’ve went to the powder cabinet myself and picked put the best possibilities of flavoring. Theres not a lot of things I would do differently, its nearly impossible to make a big mistake on something this simple.