Masterpiece Remakes

Recreation of Nighthawks

This photo was recreated for my IT 10 class, we were told to take a known famous painting and adjust 70% of the photo with our own additions.

American artist Edward Hopper created an oil painting called “Nighthawks.” A simple painting that shows people sitting within a diner somewhere in downtown during the night. After Edward got married with his wife, Josephine, they would carry journals around and either write down notes or sketch out a potential painting, the name “Nighthawks” was considered as the painting had men with noses that looked like sharp beaks, that would match one of a hawk. The painting would eventually be completed where it portrayed a late night diner with a couple of people, Josephine thought the name “Nighthawks” would be fitting for the painting’s setting. By early 1942, January 21, Edward Hopper completed one of his most well known paintings, Nighthawks.

My modifying intentions for this painting is to make certain things stand out more than others, but I eventually ran out of things to change and adding something in the streets in the back would prove to be rather difficult as the lighting that emits from the diner would be a challenge to work around.

Iron chef reflection – butternut coconut curry soup

Iron Chef

Did I enjoy the activity?

I thought it was a interesting activity to make people think outside the box, it was fun having all of us share our ideas and improvise on what ingredients to use within the classroom especially when we were given the secret ingredient of kale and butternut squash. It opened up so many possibilities for us and it got even more interesting when we were told to only use with what we could find within the school which tensed up the whole situation and made the whole event ten times more difficult which I did enjoy.

How did the group make decisions?

My group thought that the school didn’t have “good” ingredients to work with and we were thinking about simple dishes, such as soups, salads or stuffed vegetables. We all came in to a conclusion that the dish that requires the least amount of ingredients and prep/cooking time, not because we were lazy but we wanted to make sure we were ready for the judges to taste our dishes. The stuffed butternut squash or coconut soup were our last two choices, we didn’t bother with salad because we thought that sounded too simple and boring. The stuffed butternut only had a couple of ingredients that weren’t in the school so we all chose to do the soup since we had everything in the school and it only took around 30 minutes to cook, unlike the stuffed butternut, it required it to be stuffed with heavy amounts of cheese and we needed to bake it for a decent amount of time

How did we choose this recipe?

My group chose the butternut squash curry coconut soup, we thought soups were simple and a bit unique since we didn’t we much butternut squash soup around, and we also had almost every ingredient besides a simple Thai curry paste. Prep time was almost 15 minutes and cooking time was 30 minutes, which gave us enough time for the judges to settle in and allowed us to serve the soup to them while it was still hot or warm.

I honestly didn’t care what dish we chose, all I wanted was that it was simple and it would impress the judges, we first thought about stir fry, or cupcakes, I was open to them but some of us wanted simpler dishes. Soups were simple enough but I wasn’t the one that recommended it, someone in my group did and one of our group members objected the idea but we finally convinced that group member and decided to make a soup.

What would I do differently?

I probably wouldn’t change much, maybe lower the amounts of coconut milk that was added and introduce more of the Thai curry paste in to the soup, it didn’t seem to be a bad dish since the judges and my group loved the taste, texture and style of it.

How did time/ingredients affect the group?

We were over confident with our dish, we thought that boiling the squash and just blending them would be as easy as pie, but when the squash didn’t soften, we hard boiled the squash for 5 minutes instead of letting them simmer for 18 minutes and eventually we just blended it in a different bowl while slowly incorporating the milk and squash, if we had more time, the soup wouldn’t have squash chunks and the design with the coconut soup could’ve been a lot nicer, but we were rushed so we couldn’t make it look as good as we wanted it to be.

DOAS Monologues

I am a wife of a failing salesman and a mother if two grown boys who are striving for a future, I keep quiet about my thoughts to my husband but I break loose and tell everything I know to my sons. I want Willy to be happy and normal again, but it seems nearly impossible to have such a thing happen since he would always have a unsuccessful trip to his sales destination. He doesn’t have faith in our oldest son since he has no general path of direction in life, but he tries so hard to fulfill the dreams of Willy. I try my best to get the good sides from both Biff and Willy, hoping to understand their needs and maybe support them in a way.

Characteristics of Linda Loman:


White hair



November/December Foods Reflection


why did you choose this lab to reflect on?

I chose to reflect this lab because we were going to make a food that I’ve eaten and enjoyed throughout my life, and I have tried varieties of pho, I’ve eaten some in Vietnam, pho in the USA and Canada, and they all tasted great even with the extra MSG. When I was told that we’ll be making pho in school I was semi hyped, because I know school food taste a whole lot different than if it was made by a person who made pho throughout their life, and things will be taken away to fit school food standards.

Did you enjoy this lab?

This lab was extremely fun to make, especially the broth, cutting the chicken and obliterating to small pieces was enjoyable and throwing all of that in a cauldron and then becoming a witch and stirring it like a witch was very very fun. Starting out to make a bowl of noodles from scratch lets me see and experience what its like to make a very popular food. When it came to the making and assembling of the noodles it self, quite fascinating that we used ingredients that we would find in a actual pho restaurant like, basil and beansprouts.

did the lab turn out the way you hoped?

The pho turned out to be okay, I wouldn’t say its the best pho I’ve eaten, to be honest it looked great and the noodles with the other vegetables were fantastic, but the broth is comparable with the starbucks unicon shake. Not the sweet or sour taste but, “I should continue to try it to see if I like it.” The taste of the broth was funky tasting, it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good, it was just some smoky and salty soup. I drank a couple of bowls and my decision on the soup was still inconclusive, but everything else was rather enjoyable, maybe steaming the beansprouts would be great so it wouldn’t have that crunch.

Did the group work well?

Some of my group was away so we had to incorporate and merge some other groups with mine, and it was with hard working people that I know so I had a good feeling that it was going to turn out well. The lab Seemed impossible to mess up and I was right, we followed everything correctly, no mess UPS or screw UPS, but we were all confused with the taste of the broth.

what would I change about the lab?

 100% I would change the broth, lower the water amount and probably put some star anise in there, no group should have over 4 liters of left over broth by the end of the day. Also, steaming the beansprouts would be the most ideal choice, I was heavily confused why we would just let the soup steam the beansprouts so adding a steaming option would be good.

A place at the table response

1.) The movie showed people who didn’t have a job and were struggling to keep the family going or they did have a job but the pay wasn’t that good, they resort to what they can so and hope they will have enough money for the weekly grocery shopping. When it comes to grocery shopping the poor couldn’t really afford healthy food, they only have a small budget for things that they can afford, junk food is what they can mostly afford nice it was cheaper than the vegetables and fruits. The consequence is that they go home and stuff themselves with food that put their life in danger.

2.) Single parents or couples with children who are struggling with financial issues. This usually starts out by their own parent, it ends up in a chain if their mom was single, her only child is going to be single or if her kids were a non graduate, the same is going to happen to their future kids. The closest thing that is historical that can be related to the movie is probably the great depression, but that happened 80 years ago, by the time the second world war happened people had cupboards filled with food due to the war economy. Even after the second world war people had enough food to feed their families, but that fixed most of the hunger problems.

3. When I was told that this was a movie about food problems I thought it was about people being bulimic, but I was presented with people dedicating their life to put food in the table. I had no idea food insecurity was even a. Movie was nothing out of the ordinary, there are always going to be poor people no matter how much help people offer.

4.)If I were to make a policy for the poor it would be quite challenging because, everything will have a draw back to it, if I increased their welfare then people would to pay more taxes, if I were to give them free food from super markets, then the government loses money that could be needed for other uses. Not much could be done but hope that there the public will donate enough food for the food bank and the government can open them more often for people who are starving, trying to think logical here my dude.

October foods 12 reflection Cheese

DIY Cheese

Why did you choose to reflect on this lab?

It was the most interesting, when I think of the creation of cheese I think of 10 year aging then going through the process of fermentation, but we just made it within one hour with tons of milk. I’m not a big fan of cheese but I’m a big fan of melted cheese. I was excited for the final product of the cheese so I can go home and slap it in the microwave and eat it as my wishes desire.

Did you enjoy the lab? Why or why not?

Making the cheese was a absolute blast, watching the milk boil and stirring the cauldron of cheese made me feel like a witch, and it was mesmerizing while watching the curds form, it was similar to a swamp popping up mud bubbles but in my situation it was popping up cheese bubbles. And our freedom to flavor the cheese was amazing, the cabinet filled with enough spaces to make the air taste good, but my partner chose dill and it was almost ruined, can’t blame him since I told him I wouldn’t be bothered with his choice of flavoring.

Did your product turn out the way you had hoped?

I didn’t know how the cheese would turn out, I thought it would be like a portion of a cut cheese wedge but we just made a clump of cheese. I wasn’t disappointed since I was going to melt it either way. The process of making it made the cheese look a bit nasty but when the final product came around the corner it was actually quite descent looking. My cheese didn’t look the best or smell the best but it tasted pretty good. I wouldn’t make it again since it took way too much milk

Did you group work well together during the lab?

The group was very cooperative, I think I was the one that kind of let down since I wasn’t scooping the cheese fast enough to the cheese cloth and many other small mistakes, but it didn’t seem to contribute to the final product because it turned out great.

If you were to do this lab again, what might you do differently?

I would speak up about the flavoring, I’m not a big fan of dill, and I should’ve went to the powder cabinet myself and picked put the best possibilities of flavoring. Theres not a lot of things I would do differently, its nearly impossible to make a big mistake on something this simple.


“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

The firing squad took aim before someone from the back told the firing squad to halt. “HOLD YOUR FIRE!!!” A man wearing a high ranking uniform came up and asked Walter, “Papers please.” Walter handed him identification papers… “Thank you for your kind heart mister.” A haggard and distraught man wearing torn clothing, accepted Walters money and left. Walter

“Walter! get back to the car!”

“Alright, alright”

While driving back, Walter sees the same man he gave money to, digging in a trash can…

стоп! стоп! стоп!”

Walter slams on the breaks, “Comrade, you almost crashed the truck and probably would’ve wasted tons of food.”

“M-m-my bad, I was distracted”

“Be careful again, I’ll get Nikolai to unload the shipment, you report to the main office and notify that we arrived”

Walter entered a massive building, posters covered the I interior, posters with red coloring with the soviet hammer and sickle. Statues with groups of people holding the USSR flag, Walter approaches the counter and sees a woman typing rapidly on a type writer. “Привет, comrade Walter, did you come back with the shipment?”

“Yes, Nikolai and Vasili are unloading it right now.”

“Thats good to hear, after they are done, go with Vasili and patrol the streets down from here.”

Moments later, Walter and Vasili are armed with a baton making sure the citizens aren’t doing anything suspicious. Minutes of his patrol the streets bursts into pandemonium, groups of officers hold down people that looked almost like skeletons, one of the people threw a clump of paper at Walter and he beings to reveal a propaganda poster.

“Walter! ready your baton lets get that gopnik, иди сюда!”

The citizen runs up towards Walter and readies his fist, Walter quickly takes his stance, holds his baton with both hands is swings his arms as hard as he can.



Foods 12 reflection

Croissants and Mocha

why did I choose to reflect this lab?

The croissant lab looked very simple to do and it was very simple to do but there was just many small mistakes which contributed to making the croissants in to small burnt sticks, in the end it was still edible but it would’ve been better if they weren’t burnt.


was the lab enjoyable? why or why not?

I had a lot of hope in the croissant lab because I would imagine they would turn out to be the croissants from superstore or Costco, flakey and buttery but they just turned out to be long scones, the butter content was a bit low a well. Making the croissants was fun at least, I got a understanding on how to make something similar to croissants.


did the product turn out well? what were the problems?

The croissants was a bit disappointing because they were literal scones rather than a puff pastry, and when making the batter of the croissant some mistakes were made, yeast was incorrectly made, rolling it out and we baked it for too long. It wasn’t a big deal I was happy to have them finished and being able to eat them. My mocha turned out very bad as well, I wasn’t sure if I added enough, my mocha tasted more like black coffee than hot chocolate mixed with coffee.


did the group work well?

The group was very cooperative, but every lab we do, there is always a small mistake but some how it doesn’t affect the end product, but the mistakes made the croissants were very crucial, some instructions were miss heard by others and we didn’t check the croissants while it was baking. When a mistake was made we just continued on with the lab hoping it would turn out well. It would’ve turned out well only if we checked on it when it was almost finished baking, the recipe said to bake it for 20-25 minutes, but we instantly set it for 25 minutes and we slightly burned the croissants, some group members tried the croissants with the jam and said it made the croissants better.


what would I have redone?

Even though many mistakes were made on the croissant lab, I would have redone one step and that would be the baking. I would have just play it safe and set it to 20 minutes first and give the croissants a good check before giving them another 5 minutes. Why I chose to redo the baking is because before we put the croissants in the oven, they looked very good, nothing was wrong with them, they looked liked normal rolls of dough. My group wasn’t bad but I think all of us should have given a closer look at the recipe.



Unit 6