Capital Punishment in “Two Fisherman”

Within Canada it was okay to give people the death penalty who have committed a crime but over the years it was slowly being turned down, and the death penalty was only given to people who have murdered police officers or prison guards. Now in current day Canada, people who have committed such crimes would be sentenced to 25 years in prison. The punishment that was given to Thomas must have happened very early, probably in the early 1900s since a crime would give you a death penalty and it many years would pass until a crime would give you a life imprisonment.


Thomas Delaney should have received the capital punishment because he killed someone willingly because someone was molesting his wife, this consequence could have been prevented if he didn’t murder someone out of blood lust. Having Thomas executed would make it a equal balance so that both sides of the crime would be even, his life for the molesters life. It would also be another safe step to have Thomas capitally punished because what if he gets into a similar situation, that means he would intentions to kill another person.

Safety points

Fire: always face the fire and back up towards facing the entrance

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Burns/Scalds: immediately run the burn under cold running water

Chemicals: keep away from food and dispose the food that was contaminated from said chemicals

Slips/Trips/Falls: Clean the floor of any liquids and a avoid walking in the wet area until the situation is dealt with

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Cuts: dispose any food that has made contact with the blood, run the cut under water and bandage it afterwards

Heavy lifting: lift with a straight back, don’t┬ácurve your back

Food poisoning: used different cutting boards and knives for raw meat and raw vegetables

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Waste management: food disposable waste in the compost, non compostable waste into the garbage can

Personal hygiene: wash hands with soap under warm water for 20 seconds