“We Remember – Liberation Poem”


(Prisoners from Dachau cheering for the American soldiers that are liberating the camp)

Source: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ve-day-70th-anniversary-look-germanys-surrender-1945-end-ww2-graphic-images-1499979


I was the first lieutenant in the 9th air force,
We landed on a make shift airstrip,
My squad moved to France and Germany close to Buchenwald
As we entered Buchenwald, the smell become nauseating ,
Driver told me “You ain’t seen nothing yet, theres dead bodies all over the place,”
I can’t describe the scene, its so heinous
My anger grew against Germans,
Couldn’t land in Munich fighting was still in progress,
Landed in Dachau,
Guns were still firing,
The smells of the dead bodies burned my nostrils,
Prisoners beating their tormentors to death showing no mercy on them,
Train carts filled with piles of dead bodies,
Years later I burned my uniform to remove the smell of death,


I wrote this poem from a World War 2 pilots view. He talks about the camps he liberated, he explains how these camps have many dead bodies and some of the prisoners are still fighting against the Nazis. I found multiple nouns, verbs and adjectives to form this poem together.



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