Grade 9

Community Connection Alternate

Task 1: / I was looking and interested to volunteer for almost anything to do with helping out the environment, it took some time for me to find the right one but after a while I found this volunteer job with Greenpeace Canada. They’re an organization that wants to put a stop to the destruction of the environment, they…

Term 1 Reflection

In term one I tried my best to keep up on all the homework, and I would check Ms. Della’s blog if I missed a day. If I didn’t understand the criteria or homework, I would ask for help from my teacher, family, and my friends. This term I hope to get a better understanding of the work.

Mumtaz-Character Sketch

Mumtaz is the main “villain” or antagonist in the book Sold. she is the one who bought Lakshmi at the age of twelve and made a profit off of her by letting older men rape her, along with everyone else in the Happiness House. She puts Lakshmi through a lot physically and mentally, like lying about how much Lakshmi needs to…

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