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Climate Change and Population

To what extent has the climate changed?

Is there a connection between temperature and CO2 levels?

When the carbon dioxide level goes up the temperature increases by 1-degree Celcius since pre-industrial. As we emit more CO2 the expected warming will be in the range of 3.1-3.7 degrees Celcius. In both charts, it shows the increase in the average global temperature anomaly as well as the immense increase of CO2 emission through time. It shows that while CO2 is increasing so is our average climate temperature.

Is there a connection between population increase and CO2 levels?

We compared the two charts from the same time (the 1980’s) when the population was at its highest. it’s very apparent that the CO2 levels were increasing as the populations’ highest. As the population is slowly declining the Co2 levels are still rising. CO2 levels are more about the consumption of the individuals and not the populations, although it does affect it to some extent its not the biggest factor.

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What are some of the impacts of climate change?

Climate changes are affecting everyone around the world. the first picture shows an oil spill in Spain that occurred in 2002. The oil has come ashore and spilled over the seawall into the town square. The men in the white are volunteers struggling to stop the oil from spreading more. The second image below shows Moyna’s home in Bangladesh surrounded by contaminated water. He is 10 years and is taking a bath the only way, they know how to, in contaminated water. Due to this Moyna is more vulnerable to water-borne disease. Over the years there has been a rise in water-borne diseases.

Based on the data, what should we do to lower CO2 emissions?

Carbon emission is hugely off of transport and heating. For individuals instead of driving very here, walk if an option, take public transport, and tink efficiently if others are headed the same direction then carpool our walk together. For countries as a whole, we need to think of energy sources other than fossil fuels that won’t eventually run out.

See the Climate Causes below, which ones do you have control over?

Most images include consumerism, coal minings, and deforestation. An individual cant stop all of this themselves but the biggest part in this change is breaking the cycle, buying less, only getting what you need, and if you can reuse items. Think about public transport or carpooling.

In what ways does Climate Change become an issue of class? 

You know the reason the President doesn’t believe in climate change because it has no effect on him. Climate change is a threat to the lower class because no only do they have to deal with the carbon tax that most of them can’t afford and they have to deal with excruciating heat and floods that destroy their homes and any resources nearby. The deforestation also takes away resources from dying land and transports it somewhere else uneasy. In whole climate change will affect us all but the lower classes will have the most issues, now and in the future.


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