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Fractured Poetry Bk B

Sentence: It’s an amazing feeling, knowing I got incredible friends like that Phrase: Shows how much I’ve changed 3 Favorite words: Amazing, incredible, friends Poem:  The last three years in that book. All the mess ups and dress ups. All the memories without the worries or anxieties. All the fun, every day in the sun, with them I truly felt…

Community Connection Alternate

Task 1: / I was looking and interested to volunteer for almost anything to do with helping out the environment, it took some time for me to find the right one but after a while I found this volunteer job with Greenpeace Canada. They’re an organization that wants to put a stop to the destruction of the environment, they…

Term 1 Reflection

In term one I tried my best to keep up on all the homework, and I would check Ms. Della’s blog if I missed a day. If I didn’t understand the criteria or homework, I would ask for help from my teacher, family, and my friends. This term I hope to get a better understanding of the work.

Mumtaz-Character Sketch

Mumtaz is the main “villain” or antagonist in the book Sold. she is the one who bought Lakshmi at the age of twelve and made a profit off of her by letting older men rape her, along with everyone else in the Happiness House. She puts Lakshmi through a lot physically and mentally, like lying about how much Lakshmi needs to…

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