Connections-based Learning Uganda Innovations

My group put together a solar panel tablet charger. When we first started this project we had to think of multiply different ideas, because we wanted to include all of our first Uganda projects. When we got tired of that, we settled on the idea of a solar panel charger. We had to ask Mr. Robinson if this was doable and if it was possible to get a solar panel delivered to our school. He approved our idea so all we really had to do next was figure out what type of solar panel we would need (the voltage, watts a normal tablet uses, etc.)  once we finished our research we had to email the information to Mr.Robinson so he can ask a company for some solar panels. Then we waited till the panels arrived, and had to assemble the solar charger. I definitely learnt some new thing while doing this project like how to calculate voltage and watts, how to assemble the solar panel charger, what solar panels are made of, how much they cost, and how solar panels work.The whole project went pretty smoothly, it also turned out way better than I thought it would. I thought that It was a really interesting topic, a cool experience, and a unique way to learn. 



These are some pictures of what my group made and what will hopefully be sent off to student or teachers in Uganda


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  1. Mr. Robinson
    January 17, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    I am really proud of all that you accomplished during this connections-based learning experience. You have told the story of the connection and your response very clearly. I appreciate how you have included how you learned about voltage and watts. I happily shared your innovation with our learning partners in Uganda. I hope you always remember the amazing things that can be done when we work together.

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