Safety Story

It was a Monday morning and Ms. Smith’s class was learning how different fluids reacted to heat, Rosa decide to tune out the teacher when she went over the safety precautions. While everyone was putting on their safety goggles Rosa was already starting. She turned on the Bunsen burner and then left it unattended, so she could go get her ring stand, ring clamp, beaker, and beaker tongs. Lucky for her nothing happened when she left. Then she went to grab the water to boil but mixed it up with rubbing alcohol since she wasn’t paying attention she missed the obvious whims symbols containing the flammable and the harmful symbol which someone left out from another class, hoping that no one would use it. Rosa held the rubbing alcohol in a beaker with beaker prongs and then spilt it all over her ring stand and in seconds whole table was in flames, the only thing that Rosa did right today was pulled the fire alarm and grab the fire extinguisher.


She put the fire out almost as soon as it started. With the whole school evacuated Rosa learnt her lesson to always listen to the teacher’s instructions.

After the all clear everyone went back inside, Ms. Smith’s class was still trying to calm down their nerves from their eventfully day. Ms. Smith let everyone go early but before everyone left she quickly asked everyone a question for next class “Should we purposely be getting people sick, to try new medication on them” Still in shock from the fire Rosa thought about this question on her way home from school and her thought was yes we should because the people who sign up for it willingly signed up for it plus they also could get payed a fair amount of money, and it could help someone in the future who gets extremely ill. 

The exclamation mark may cause less serious heath effects and while the fire means substance is highly flammable

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  2 comments for “Safety Story

  1. Mr. Robinson
    September 18, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    You did a good job on your safety story. You communicated your understanding of safety issues in the Science class and included a great map of the safety features of the classroom. Great job citing your sources!

    • cydneyf2018
      September 20, 2018 at 9:13 pm

      Thanks Mr.Robinson.

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