Tuesday, October 15, 2019

  1.  Formative Assessment check in – can you identify the causes and consequences of the American Revolution?

    The American Revolution had important ramifications for the development of British North America (BNA).  2 colonies became 4 and Britain created a new law to govern the colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada.

  2. Further analysis of the Constitutional Act of 1791
    Constitutional Act 1791 (FORM)
    Constitutional Act 1791

    Turmoil in North America was not over at the end of the American Revolution.  The continent will plunge into warfare again in 1812 and for the 2nd time in our nation’s history we will be invaded.

    3.  What were the causes of the War of 1812?
    War of 1812 (March 2019) PDF

HOMEWORK:  Review causes of the War of 1812 and continue practicing the causes/consequences of the American Revolution

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