Workplace Safety

3 things I will do to stay safe at work

-Be cautious on machines

-make the floor dry

-ask if you don’t understand

2 things you will do to keep others safe at work

-move hazardous things

-ask your employer to fix a machine if it’s not working well


I will never forget Matthew’s story because I think it’s the most intense! I won’t move hot oil and I will always ask questions to clarify and I will refuse unsafe work.


Dear Love,

How are you doing? I’m doing okay. Back home Canada citizens have been committed to supporting the war effort by exporting resources to the war but the catch is things are very expensive and scarce due to how much is being sent overseas to the war. Many businesses have made enormous profits from inflated prices. 2.5 Million daily is spent helping you in the war and they have set victory bonds which means they can loan money to sell stuff but we can cash it in as a profit when the war is over. Another tactic is honour rationing. It helps conserve supplies and ┬áthe government has introduced meatless fridays and fuel- less sundays and income tax a temporary tax out of our income. We have been bombarded by propaganda about the war in forms like films, magazines articles, radio programs and other forms. Mostly trying to sugar coat the war by minimizing allied deaths and exaggerating enemy casualties. Canada gave women the right to vote with the exception of aboriginal and immigrant women, more provinces are doing the same. Women are less waged than men still.