What I have learned about Grade 9 Similarities

In the unit we learned about scale factors. There are steps to follow while doing the work.


Steps to getting your answer in an equation.

Step 1- pick your original and image

Step 2- make your ratios

Scale Factor- the scale factor is always the image divided by the original The scale factor always has 2 numbers in the fraction.

Step 3- You have to identify the corresponding side on the other image (the matching side, you may have to rotate the picture to see it) drawing the shape also helps.

Step 4-  separate the fractions to get 2 different equations then use the butterfly method.

Butterfly method- Bellow is a picture of what it looks like.

Enlargements and reductions

When the dimensions (length, width, height etc…) of an object are changed by multiplying by the scale factor. This can be in 2D or 3D objects

Enlargement- When the number is multiplied by a number bigger than 1

Reduction- When the number is multiplied by a number smaller than 1


What does 1:10 mean?

There is an original and an image, the original is 10 and the image is 1. How do i know this well you always divide the image by the original and the number on the right gets brought down under the number on the left. It will make a fraction 1/10






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