Canada: Global Conflicts and International Organizations 1945-2001
ICT10 Volcano Self – Assessment
ICT 10 Self Assessment (Split Space Statue )
English 9 Self Assesment
Core Competent Canadians
I knew that the competencies are important for building life skills. I learned that Drake didn’t have it easy before he made trash music. I also [...]
Scratch Challenges
Challenges: Games: [...]
Penny Lab
Conclusion The experiment investigated was on surface tension with using water and eight pennies. In order to study the problem, one must put droplets of [...]
My Scientific Scenario Carrot Juice
Bugs Bunny is strolling in a store and sees a new carrot brand that is 30% juicier than the standard carrot. He buys one carrot and heads home to his [...]
Self-Assessment (Float Your Boat)
Float Yur Boat
CHALLENGE: Make CHALLENGE: Make a boat that can float in water and hold the most amount of pennies. PROBLEM: To build a boat that will hold the most number [...]
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