Math 9 Final Review 2017


Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Dividing Fractions

When dividing fractions you take the second term and flip it. Then you change the division sign to a multiplication sign and then solve like multiplying fractions.

Multiplying Fractions

Multiply the numerators by each other and the denominators by each other.

11.4 Misleading Statistics

I chose to look at an article from CBC about Ontario and their proposed minimum wage increase.

I think this graph is hard to read because it shows you different parts all in the same spot so it make it hard to read. Example: the current minimum wage, proposed minimum wage and the average hourly wage makes it more confusing. This graph is also based off an 8 hour day shift (it is cut off from the bottom) so per month or week have to be recalculated if its based off of say a 7 hour shift or anything not 8 hours.

To make this graph better readable I would have put it into a better structure and made it less wordy. I would have used a line graph and made a separate graph for each part, the amount per hour, week, month and year and just compared the current minimum wage, proposed minimum wage and the average wage in Canada so I could see the difference better that way.

11.3 Probability in Society

I chose the results for male to female ice hockey players in BC in the 2002-2003 season.

Total Male: 44,123

Total Female: 5321

-Some influencing factors are there is not many different things female ice hockey players can do after junior unlike men where there is so may different levels

-There might be more male players because they have something to work for like Junior or NHL unlike female where there is only team Canada

-Ice hockey is just not a common sport for females to play compared to boys

-in small communities if there is no girls team they would have to play with boys and they usually stay in the game shorter than boys because they boys get bigger and faster compared to them so they “aren’t as good” and drop out

I would assume that more boys play than girls in all provinces and territories in Canada


McArthur 2017 Data Analysis Thoughts

What role do you think statistics have in our society?

They give a majority of most popular voted results. I think sometimes it will take away peoples opinion because some people will just go with whatever everyone else thinks.

Explain anything new that you have learned about the importance of statistics in our society?

We need to watch and look for the way questions are worded and who is answering the questions, is it males or females, young adult or seniors… . But I also learned statistics can be good representations of what is important and what people want.

Describe some problems with statics.

Again questions can be worded in a poor way to make you answer one way or the other and that is biased, and depending on the types of people you ask you will have different results.

11.1 Factors Influencing Data Collection

Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum 2004


When I first read the article it thought…

I thought people liked having Sunday off and nothing was open, they also liked being different.

After learning about influencing factors, I now think… because…

I now think that the stores should be open on Sunday. It said if the stores were open on sunday it said Nova Scotia would have a $19 million annual boost to the economy.

In the future, when reading and interpreting survey data I will…

Look and think of the pros and cons of the option.

Math Slam Poetry

What is the chance of snow for a few days in a row in a percentage?

I don’t know, you tell me, please start with something easy


Could you tell me what is the chance of snow for the next few days in a row in a fraction?

I think so

What about in a decimal?

Maybe so


If you can tell me the chance of getting snow for the next few days in a row in a fraction and a decimal, you can tell me in a percentage,

Did you know things in math are related?

How so?

Here is my example- Percentages are out of 100, decimals can be out of 100 and fractions can be out of 100.

These all happen to be out of 100 which makes them all related. If you know one, you know them all

This time, do you think you could tell me the chance of getting snow for the next few days in a row in a percentage?


Math 9 Integers Addition and Subtraction

















Explain which statements are equivalent and why.

Question A and E are equivalent because they are the same question 5+11=16 and in E all you do is make the subtraction signs plus signs. Question B and F are equivalent because again they are asking the same thing which is -5-11=-16. Question C and G are equivalent which is -5+11=6, this question is the same thing as A and E where the subtraction signs become plus signs so the question becomes the same which makes the answer the same.

What did you learn by completing this activity?

I learned that counters could help you count and figure out problems easier sometimes. I also learned that equations and questions could look different but be the same.