Desmos Portrait

We made self portraits by graphing. It was challenging at the beginning because I didn’t fully understand how the equation was supposed to work but I asked a few of my classmates and had to do a lot of trial and error but I was able to figure out how to make the equations and adjust them to where I wanted. I think my biggest struggle was with getting the line to stop on the hair of my character but I asked a classmate for help and after that I was able to get everything else. This assignment helped me understand what each equations shape should look like so when I graph an equation and it doesn’t look the correct shape I will know I messed up somewhere and need to try again.
















Surface Area of a Sphere

The formula for SA of a sphere is 4pi(r)^2

What we did was take a 3 dimensional object and turn it into a 2 dimensional object. Using the peels which is the surface area we spread them out the best we could and was able to fill four full circles making the formula 4pi(r)^2.

Garibaldi Lake Task

Finding the volume of Garibaldi Lake 

The first part of this assignment is to find the volume of the lake and how much water is being held up by the dam.

Using the formula for a rough estimate use surface area X average depth.

9.94km^2 X 119m

Next the 9.94km^2 needs to be converted into meters

=9.94 X 10^6 = 9 940 000m^2

Now that they are in the same unit we will go back to the original formula (SA X H)

=9 940 000^2 X 119m = 1 182 860 000m^3

Since we are measuring the amount of water we must convert it into liters from cubed meters and the ratio of this is 1m^3=1000L

=1 182 860 000 X 1000 = 1 182 860 000 000L

So there is about 1 182 860 000 000L in Garibaldi Lake.

Image result for garibaldi lakeWhat would happen if the dam fell?

If the dam fell I think almost of the water would escape really fast and there would be tons of pressure pushing it out and the water would go out to at least the level of the dam that is left over and because the wall just fell I would expect huge waves that would make more water go out from the current and force pushing outwards from underneath the surface. If the dam broke it would flood much of the nearby valleys and into the city of Squamish. This would affect lots of people homes and businesses and be a big disaster if this happened.