McArthur 2017 Data Analysis Thoughts

What role do you think statistics have in our society?

They give a majority of most popular voted results. I think sometimes it will take away peoples opinion because some people will just go with whatever everyone else thinks.

Explain anything new that you have learned about the importance of statistics in our society?

We need to watch and look for the way questions are worded and who is answering the questions, is it males or females, young adult or seniors… . But I also learned statistics can be good representations of what is important and what people want.

Describe some problems with statics.

Again questions can be worded in a poor way to make you answer one way or the other and that is biased, and depending on the types of people you ask you will have different results.

11.1 Factors Influencing Data Collection

Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum 2004


When I first read the article it thought…

I thought people liked having Sunday off and nothing was open, they also liked being different.

After learning about influencing factors, I now think… because…

I now think that the stores should be open on Sunday. It said if the stores were open on sunday it said Nova Scotia would have a $19 million annual boost to the economy.

In the future, when reading and interpreting survey data I will…

Look and think of the pros and cons of the option.

Short Story 1 – A Television Drama

Part 1

I came up to the house where the criminal came from. I had to ask someone inside the house why he was there and get information. I’m in the business and I’m one of the best, I have to stay on top hear what happened first. I got to the front door, and nocked real hard but no one came to the door. I knocked again, no one. I was positive I had seen someone, were they scared, nervous or shocked. I knew no one was going to come to the door but I still have to write an article about this event. I told myself I’ll have to take what I’ve got and make up the rest.

Part 2

That its different if you heard it on the radio or TV than in person. Pete was feeling different about it than Carolee was because they experienced different things. Carolee was questioning herself because she was so stunned and scared but Pete cared so much for his wife that he was more scared than she was.

My Environmental Interactions


1)My Interactions with the different spheres

Interactions with the Atmosphere: A few negatives are that I breath and we drive our car and go on the airplane. A Positive would be I try to walk or ride my bike as much as possible.

Interactions with the Biosphere: A positive thing I do is not litter but a negative thing that I do use a lot of paper and waste trees.

Interactions with the Hydrosphere: A positive thing that I do for the hydrosphere is take short showers but a negative thing we do is fertilizer our lawn every year.

Interactions with the Geosphere: A positive thing is that I green waste at my house but a negative is that we use a lot of fossil fuels.


2. My interactions with the different spheres and their positives and negative effects on the earth

Interactions with the Atmosphere: Every time I breath I have a negative effect (not that it makes to much difference and could change much about it) on the atmosphere because I take the oxygen and release carbon dioxide back into the air. Every time we drive in the car or go on an airplane whose machines release bad gases and it is very harmful to the air and atmosphere over time. A positive thing that I do for the atmosphere is walk or bike to places as much as possible so that I don’t have to ride the bus or drive because they are bad for the environment.

Interactions with the Biosphere: A positive thing I do for the biosphere is not litter, I always put my garbage in the trash can. If I don’t my garbage makes the place look bad and dirty or the wind might pick it up and take it somewhere where it could bother humans, children, plants and animals. Something negative that I do for the biosphere is I use a lot of paper to make stuff and do work which is bad because we cut down trees and use the paper. Another thing is that in most classrooms in the school we don’t have paper recycling. I know we use devices which cuts down on our use of paper but I think we still use enough to have paper recycling.

Interactions with the Hydrosphere: A positive thing that I do for the hydrosphere is take really short showers. My maximum shower time is 5 minutes so I save a lot of water by not having a big bath everyday or a long shower. A negative thing we do for the hydrosphere is that my family fertilizes our lawn every year. We use a spreader so it sprays fertilizer everywhere but some of the fertilizer goes onto the pavement/road when we are trying to get close to the edge. The fertilizer is bad and it runs off the pavement, into the drain and out to probably the Pitt or Fraser rivers. This is bad for the water and the fish so it effects the hydrosphere.

Interactions with the Geosphere: Something positive that I do for the geosphere is green waste at my house, it keeps all the extra scraps out of the landfill which eventually gets buried into the earth. We do use fossil fuels like oil to make plastics and gasoline and natural gas to heat our house and water tanks. Fossil fuels come from the earth and someday we will use them all up and will have to find an alternate solution.


3) Some changes I could make in my life to help the spheres:

For the Atmosphere:    I would walk more places if they were in walking distance. I could ride my bike because it would be quicker than walking so I could go to different and farther places. It would also have to depend on the weather, in the summer we are off school and would have more time to walk to different places but in the winter it could be icy so it would be dangerous to ride your bike or walk, and if there is snow walking in the snow takes a lot longer and it gets a lot more tiring much more quickly, so it would be harder to walk or bike in the winter but in the summer it would definitely work and be a good option.

For the Biosphere: We are decreasing the amount of trees we cut down already by being a digital school and working on a device whenever we can so we save a lot of paper by not always using so much. But not too many other schools do this so they all create paper waste and use a lot of trees as well.

For the Hydrosphere: Alternative options for cutting down on the amount of fertilizer that we put into the water we could hand spread it so that we could get close to the edge but be more careful and not get the pavement. We could also use a natural fertilizer that wouldn’t be as bad for the water and animals in the water. The grass wouldn’t look as good and be as healthy if we didn’t fertilize but it would completely cut it out of going into the water.

For the Geosphere: Its hard not to use fossil fuels in the world today. The main fossil fuel we use in our area is oil. Plastics are made of oil, once plastic is made it never decomposes and its one of the worst things for the environment in my opinion because it goes straight into the landfill but it is pretty unavoidable because its quick and cheap to make. Some options I could use to save some plastics are take my lunch in reusable container instead of saran wrap or a plastic bag. We also use oil which gets turned into gasoline to fill up and use our car. Instead of driving we could walk or ride our bikes more places which will also help the atmosphere because there is less poisonous gases going into the air. They have made other options like electric cars but you have to plug those in.