11.3 Probability in Society

I chose the results for male to female ice hockey players in BC in the 2002-2003 season.

Total Male: 44,123

Total Female: 5321

-Some influencing factors are there is not many different things female ice hockey players can do after junior unlike men where there is so may different levels

-There might be more male players because they have something to work for like Junior or NHL unlike female where there is only team Canada

-Ice hockey is just not a common sport for females to play compared to boys

-in small communities if there is no girls team they would have to play with boys and they usually stay in the game shorter than boys because they boys get bigger and faster compared to them so they “aren’t as good” and drop out

I would assume that more boys play than girls in all provinces and territories in Canada




3 thoughts on “11.3 Probability in Society

  1. I liked that you listed more than 1 point for the reasoning why more males play than females. Also the visual helped to better understand what you were talking about

  2. I very much enjoyed this post. It was very informational to me. Great work Clare!!

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