Engineering Brightness Artifacts of Learning


2) I liked doing Engineering Brightness because it was interesting, I liked connecting with other people across the world and our class and myself are making a difference somewhere else in the world. I liked the skype chats because it was interesting to learn about different things that are going on somewhere else. We had three skype chats, one with Mr. Fogarty and his class in New Brunswick and the other two were with Eladio, Dennis and their class and we talked about stuff going on there like how it is a developing nation. The school that they went to was a nice school for there but it looks just like one of our public schools, and lots of kids don’t even go to school where they live in the Dominican Republic. My group and I made this video above about what our class has done with Engineering Brightness. I think it is kind of like a summary of what everyone has done and how we have and are making a difference. Not all the groups wanted to be interviewed but we did our best by asking everyone in our class if they wanted to and if they were alright with us taking a video like this.

3) My group said we wanted to do fundraising in the beginning but we couldn’t come up with any ideas that would work, then we tried working with another school but most didn’t get back to us. We then tried to come up with an alternate plan and we came up with making a video that showcases and demonstrates how everyone in our class has been working on this project and been doing different things to help this cause, I think I have grown and have gained skills by being able to change the plan when it doesn’t workout.

I think I have met my learning goals because I learned more about myself and about other things going on in the world.

4) I also think I have improved by working in groups. We have all worked together to come up with the idea and brainstorm. Sarah and Ella did most of the video, I filmed the videos and interviewing. We all evenly talked on the skype chats.

I think if we had more time we could have made our video a bit better with background music or some other stuff. We were a little rushed at the end so that the video could be done and we would be able to put the video on our blogs and hand it in on time.

I liked doing the connections based learning because I thought it was another way to learn. I liked doing the Engineering Brightness because we got to communicate with other people in the world to try and support a local cause for them. I don’t think I have ever done something like this and tried to make a difference somewhere else in the world

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  1. It is nice to have learned that you are trying to make a difference and improve the lives of others in the world. Learning more about how other people live can help us to better appreciate where we live and how we can do things to protect the environment for all people, here in Port Coquitlam and in the Dominican Republic. Having spoken with others with Skype sounded interesting and I would think that it made this project feel like a real thing and not just a homework assignment. I hope one of these designs works for real and helps others.

  2. I really like the idea of engineering brightness. It gives people who are not as fortunate as us the opportunity to have light and live a better life. I really liked the video and found it interesting to hear what people thought about this campaign. Great job to Clare and her group! I thought this was very well presented.

  3. It is great to hear how successful you were with your connections-based learning, particularly the fact that your biggest learning was about yourself. I am glad that your group made a switch when you found a new avenue to explore. The video is an amazing artifact of which you should be proud. I hope you can keep this experience in your mind as you carry on with life! Great work!

  4. Great job Clare on your informative video that you made and your detailed blog post, good detail. I think its great that you got to communicate with others around the world.

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