Currents From The Kitchen

Prediction: I predict that the orange will have the most electric voltage because it is acidic.


Here is a photo of our voltmeter. An apple is being tested in this photo, the apple did not produce much current.

Observations: We tested an orange, apple, and a yam.  Out of these the orange had the best voltage and electric charge, the yam had the second best, and the apple didn’t have very much.


What kind of circuit will produce electron flow in your fruit/vegetable cell?

A full/complete circuit will produce electron flow.


If your bulb doesn’t glow, how can you find out if electrons are flowing?

If the bulb does not glow, you should check to see if the lightbulb was not broken by testing a different light bulb, you could also add another piece of the same fruit one piece might not have enough voltage to power a lightbulb.


If your bulb doesn’t glow, why not?

Because you don’t have a full circuit and the piece of fruit might not have any voltage.


How can we modify our experiment to improve our results?

We could use extra pieces of fruit either the same or different and this could make more energy.


What is causing electrons to flow in this experiment?

We have a full circuit and since we do, the electrons can flow out one end and into the other.

Conclusion: My prediction was right because the orange did have the best electric voltage. I found this experiment a little hard at the time because I didn’t really understand how the voltage worked and what to fully do and how to read the voltmeter.  But through this experiment I figured out how voltage, electron flow and circuits worked.

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