Needs VS Wants

At the beginning of the school year, I was told it was essential for me to buy a laptop to succeed in my classes. Many people around me recommended to buy an apple product.  So I went and bought a MacBook on the same day, and felt horrible for spending 1500 dollars on it. I mean yes, having a MacBook is great but I could’ve just bought a tablet and attached a keyboard to it. I realized this a couple days into the semester, when I saw a lot of other students working on tablets or other devices. I thought about getting a refund and exchanging it for a tablet, but I already got used to the laptop. Now I have mixed feelings about spending a lot of money on this laptop, I could have spent it on different/more important things.

Character Monologues – “Death of a Salesman”

I am Linda, Willy’s beloved wife of many years. I’m staying at home to care for our boys Biff and Happy, and to make sure Willy comes home to a place of peace, order and tranquility where he can rest after a day of hard work. Catering for Willy’s comfort provides me with immense personal satisfaction as well, making him happy is the only aspect of my life.

During the day, I cook and clean after Biff and Happy. I always make sure dinner is ready on time, so Willy can enjoy his free time after work. I plan every dinner ahead of time, and do all the shopping for the family. I always make sure I look rested and fresh when Willy comes home, and never confront him about any issues or concerns I have.

I’m am Linda, a classic 1950s American housewife.

“Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

He took one last drag on his cigarette and snapped it away. Then with that faint, fleeting smile playing about his lips, he faced the firing squad; erect and motionless, proud and disdainful, Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last. His wife’s words: “Walter! Walter listen to me for once!” rang through his ears, and he realized he is blocking the sidewalk as others pedestrians are pushing past him. “WALTER!”, she yells as she starts to move towards him through the crowd. Walter suddenly starts to run, run away from the people gathered in front a butcher shop. Walter’s wife stumbles and almost falls, but proceeds to chase after her husband. Her quick steps give off a clacking sound on the cobblestone. Struggling to keep up she tries to run, but her heels keep her from moving any faster. “Clack, clack, clack” is all Mitty hears as he looks up and finds himself in a wild west setting. “Click, clack, click, clack”, with ever step his wife takes, he becomes more distant.

Dust fills the sky as Mitty races down the gravel road after a horse-carriage full with cash. “Faster, boy faster!”, he shouts at the sweat covered stallion while spurring it to go faster. The once majestic animal makes a tired sigh, foam is covering its mouth from exhaustion. In the distance, the carriage is getting closer with every jump the black stallion makes. Struggling to escape the experienced thief, the carriage slows down. Mitty pulls a long rope with a noose from the horse’s saddles back pocket, and lassoed the carriage at first try. In old times Mitty was a Chuck-line rider, but times have changed. Inflation affected everyone, so now he spends his days chasing carriages across the Badlands. The carriage is coming closer and closer, he can almost taste it. The two horses pulling it are old and haggard looking, and with a bang Mitty the inscrutable thief stropped the wheels from spinning. Out of nowhere, a beautiful young lady steppes out of the carriage and walks towards him.

“Walter I’m done with you!” “What do you mean?” “I mean that I’m done with you and I want a divorce” explains Walter’s now ex-wife calm. “I’ve had enough of these stupid little games you play. For example, just now you ran off like a 5 year old and then tried to steal an old ladies purse for no reason. I just hate how insolent you can be. It’s over Walter.”

My Graduation Plan

  1. Healthy Living
    1. This year, I am walking to school and working out to meet DPA requirements (150 mins/week of moderate to vigorous physical activity).
    2. Next year, I will keep working out and walking to school to meet DPA requirements.
    3. Other than physical activity, I will also need a concrete plan for healthy eating and stress management in order to lead a healthy life after graduation.
  1. Course Credits
    1. I need 80 credits to graduate. A typical course is worth 4 credits.
      1. 48 of them must be from required courses.
      2. 28 of them must be from electives.
      3. 16 of them must be from Grade 12 courses.
    2. At the end of this year, I will have 80 credits.
  1. Community Connections
    1. I need 30 hours of work/volunteer experience. To show I completed this, I must show proof in the form of pay stub or reference letter.
    2. I can start accumulating these hours in Grade 10.
    3. My plan to earn work/volunteer hours is through facilities that have to do with the environment, like parks or educational centres for pollution / waste reduction.
    4. I will also need to complete a reflection that includes a written response, describes what I did, and how the experience benefitted me. It will be 200 typed words minimum.
  1. Career and Life
    1. In addition to updating my resume, I will also create post secondary plans and a financial plan to show that I have a plan in place after graduation.
    2. When I graduate, my current plan is to go to university at UBC.
  2. Interview
    1. To prepare for the interview, I can look at the questions ahead of time. They are found on the GT website.
    2. My interview will be with a Riverside Staff Member.
  3. The 3 people at Riverside who are here to help with this process are:
    1. Mr. Thomson (GT teacher)
    2. Mrs. Chittenden (counselor)
    3. Career Counsellor (Mrs. David)

In Grade 12, I will find all the necessary documents AND submit them (GT website).

I will complete Grad Transitions 12 whenever I have English 12. If I have it in 1st semester, I must complete everything except the interview before Winter Ball. In 2nd semester, everything except the interview must be completed before the end of April.

“The Lord of the Flies” – Human Nature

The following quotes from the book “The Lord of the Flies” show how the sense of morality is lost while being trapped on the island.

“The spear moved forward inch by inch and the terrified squealing became a highpitched scream. Then Jack found the throat and the hot blood spouted over his hands. The sow collapsed under them and they were heavy and fulfilled upon her.” (Golding p. 192)

“They got his arms and legs. Ralph, carried away by a sudden thick excitement, grabbed Eric’s spear and jabbed at Robert with it. ‘Kill him! Kill him!’ All at once, Robert was screaming and struggling with the strength of frenzy. Jack had him by the hair and was brandishing his knife. Behind him was Roger, fighting to get close. The chant rose ritually, as at the last moment of a dance or a hunt. ‘Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!'” (golding p. 165)

“The stone, that token of preposterous time, bounced five yards to Henry’s right and fell in the water. Roger gathered a handful of stones and began to throw them. Yet there was a space round Henry, perhaps six yards in diameter, into which he dare not throw. Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life.” (Golding p. 87)

“‘Aren’t I having none?’
Jack had meant to leave him in doubt, as an assertion of power; but Piggy by advertising his omission made more cruelty necessary.” (Golding p. 103)

“‘His specs–use them as burning glasses!”
Piggy was surrounded before he could back away.
‘Here–let me go!’ His voice rose to a shriek of terror as Jack snatched the glasses off his face.” (Golding p.55)

“Lord of the Flies” – Island Description

Fruit trees

“Flower and fruit grew together on the same tree and everywhere was the scent of ripeness and the booming of a million bees at pasture.” (page 77)

The coral reef

“The reef enclosed more than one side of the island, lying perhaps a mile out and parallel to what they now thought of as their beach. The coral was scribbled in the sea as though a giant had bent down to reproduce the shape of the island in a flowing chalk line but tired before he had finished. Inside was peacock water, rocks and weeds showing as in an aquarium; outside was the dark blue of the sea.”    (page 38)

The shore

“The shore was fledged with palm trees. These stood or leaned or re- clined against the light and their green feathers were a hundred feet up in the air. The ground beneath them was a bank covered with coarse grass, torn everywhere by theupheavals of fallen trees, scattered with decaying coconuts and palm saplings. Behind this was the darkness of the forest proper and the open space of the scar.”        (page 10)

The forest

“Trees, forced by the damp heat, found too little soil for full growth, fell early and decayed: creepers cra- dled them, and new saplings searched a way up.” (page 53)

The mountain

“They were on the lip of a circular hollow in the side of the mountain. This was filled with a blue flower, a rock plant of some sort, and the overflow hung down the vent and spilled lavishly among the canopy of the forest. The air was thick with butterflies, lifting, fluttering, settling. Beyond the hollow was the square top of the mountain and soon they were standing on it.” (page 37)

The scar
“The undergrowth at the side of the scar was shaken and a multitude of raindrops fell pattering.”      (page 6)

The platform

“Pink granite thrust up uncompromisingly through forest and terrace and sand and lagoon to make a raised jetty four feet high. The top of this was covered with a thin layer of soil and coarse grass and shaded with young palm trees” (Golding 13).

The lagoon

“Some act of God – a typhoon perhaps, or the storm that had accompanied his own arrival – had banked sand inside the lagoon so that there was a long, deep pool in the beach with a high ledge of pink granite at the further end.” (Golding, 14)

The Island 

“It was roughly boat-shaped: humped near this end with behind them the jumbled descent to the shore. On either side rocks, cliffs, treetops and a steep slope: forward there. The length of the boat, a tamer decent, tree-clad, with hints of pink: and then the jungly flat of the island, dense green, but drawn at the end to a pink tail. There, where the island petered out in the water, was another island; a rock, almost detached, standing like a fort, facing them across the green with one bold, pink bastion”(Golding 38)

The Cliff

“The most usual feature of the rock was a pink cliff surmounted by a skewed block; and that again surmounted, and that again, till the pinkness became a stack of balanced rock projecting through the looped fantasy of the forest creepers. Where the pink cliffs rose out of the ground there were often narrow tracks winding upwards.” (page 34)

(Sketch of the island based on description from the book)

“Father and Son” Photo Compilation Story

This project is based on the short story “Father and Son” by Bernard McLaverty, and describes the struggle of a father who tries to prevent his son from substance abuse by trying to keep him in the house. It is written in a first person point of view, which switches between the father and the son. The assigned task is to pick eight major plot points and establish a photo compilation story with them. The main characters are male, but I found it easier to represent female characters in my photos so I made slight changes in the pronouns.

1) Exposition 

“My daughter is breaking my heart. It is already broken.” (page 165)

The mother is already in a situation that upsets her, since her husband died and she is left alone with the daughter. But instead of helping her mentally unstable mother, she worsens the situation by worrying her mother. The daughter is at risk of substance abuse, and the mother is afraid of loosing her too.

2) Rising Action 

“Your face is thin, Your fingers, orange with nicotine. I pulled you away from death once and now you will not talk to me.” (page 166)

The daughter is a smoker, which weakens the circulation in her hands and makes them seem orange. Since she is prone to substance abuse, she is at risk of dying from the side effects. The mother already saved her once, and since then the daughter won’t talk to her. Her mother is desperately trying to talk to her, but she does not want to accept her help.

3) Rising Action 

“I know that in a few minutes she will come to look at me sleeping. She will want to check that I came home last night. She will stand in her bare feet, her shoes and socks in her hand, looking at me.” (page 165)

The mother is worried for her daughter, and checks on her constantly to make sure she is home. By keeping her close, away from her friends that might have bad influence on her and make her relapse, she tries to assure that nothing will happen to the daughter.

4) Rising Action 

The door swings open and she pushes a hand – gun beneath the pillow.” (page 169)

The daughter is dealing with people that she has to protect herself from, so she keeps a gun beneath her pillow. She is an addict, and drug dealers are mostly dangerous people to have business with. Since her mother is already worried, she tried to hide it from her and pushed it away. She was not fast enough though and her mother saw it.

5) Climax 

“There is a bang. A dish – cloth drops from my hand and I run to the kitchen door.” (page 169)

The mother hears a gunshot, and drops the towel she was holding because of the shock. She is panicking, because she saw the daughters handgun the other day. In a hurry she runs to the kitchen door to make sure she is okay.

6) Falling Action 

“I look into the hallway. There is a strange smell. My daughter is lying on the floor, her head on the bottom stair, her feet on the threshold.” (page 169)

She carefully looks into the hallway, towards the door where the bang came from. The mother finds the daughter lying on the floor motionless, and smells the blood that is coming from her nose. Since the daughter was hurt while standing in the doorframe, she is now laying on the floor with her head on the bottom stair and her feet on the threshold.

7) Falling Action 

“They have punched you and you are not badly hurt. Your nose is bleeding. Something cold at the back of your neck.” (page 169)

There is blood coming from underneath the daughters nostril, so the mother hopes for the best and assumes they only broke the girls nose. She puts something cold against the back of the daughters neck to stop the nosebleed, and tells herself that the daughter will be okay. A broken nose is not deadly, and she tries to assume the best.

8) Denouement 

“I take my daughters limp head in my hands and see a hole in her nose that should not be there. At the base of her nostril. My daughter, let me put my arms around you.” (page 169)

As she picks her daughters head up, she realizes that it is not her nose that the blood is coming from, it is a bullet hole from underneath her nostrils. The mother thought that the daughter just passed out, but her body is lifeless. She puts her arms around her dead daughter with sorrow, she is all alone now.