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12968737width280height2801) My favorite quote is: ” No regrets. Just lessons learned”                                                  

I chose this as my favorite quote because I have done things that I have regretted but now I look at them as lessons that I have learned to not do again.

2) My Favorite YouTube Clip Is :

I chose this as my favorite video because I like makeup a lot, and it is kinda my hobby. I enjoy it because it just takes my mind of things and makes me feel like a whole other person in another world.

3) A Picture that has Impacted Me:


I chose this picture because the HUGEST impact in my life has been and is, is my family. My family has been the ones who have fed me, sheltered me, protect me, made sure I was ‘ok’ and loved me since day 1. My parents taught me good since the first day I was alive.  They taught me all the things I know how to do now. Whenever I did something wrong or bad, I would get the consequences, but I know they only do that because they love me and want me to learn from my mistakes. This picture was taken before we left to go to a wedding. Some of my family had fly into B.C just to go to the wedding and if you were wondering, this is only about a quarter of my whole family 🙂

4) My Favorite Website is :  My addiction 😉                                                                                     I chose this as my favorite website because this is my first shop I ever bought stuff from online, which kinda started my addiction for fashion and all the trends that a happening and also includes makeup.

5) The History on my birthday: My birthday is on December 18,2002

  • On 1941,  Japan invades Hong Kong
  • On 1940, Hitler makes a plan to invade the Soviet union called Operation Barbarossa
  • In 1970, Nevada had an atomic leak
  • 1946, Steven Spielberg was born
  • 1963, Brad Pitt was born

And there’s more, but that would take forever to do cuz ain’t nobody got time fo dat. 

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