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Synthesis Essay Corrections.

Reflection: I am very proud of this essay. I think I took three very different sources that one would not normally compare and created an essay that is thought-provoking and not a stretch at all. My use of quotes and overall language of this essay really amped up the interest and made a fluid essay. For the next time, I would just double-check to make sure that all my quotes had the proper citation and was integrated properly.


Neuron Function

Cell Body- the cell’s life support center.

Dendrite- receive information from other neurons and sensory receptors

Axon- carries neuron’s messages to other body areas.

Terminal buttons- form junctions with other cells

Action Potential is a fast electrical charge that travels down the axon. This is caused by the movement of positive ions in and out of the axon. The action potential is an all or nothing effect, it has a very specific trigger value and if that number is not reached it will not trigger the action potential no matter how close it gets; it is either greater than or equal to. The Action Potential goes in steps. It starts at Resting Potential, this is the stage where the neuron is ready to be used and to send out a signal. When the neuron is in Resting Potential there are more positive ions on the outside and the inside has a “net” negative charge. The next step is Depolarization. Depolarization is while the neuron is being used, while the neuron is in Depolarization the channels in the membrane open to allow NA+ ions to enter the axon. The next phase is Repolarization, this is the recharge period. During Repolarization the channels open to allow K+ ions to exit the axon, this causes the next segment to depolarize. The final stage of Action Potential is Flow of Depolarization, this is a doe-see-doe between the K+ and NA+ to prep for the next wave of AP. The Flow of Depolarization returns the neuron to its original state and is ready to do it all again.

The Insulated Neuron:

•Glial Cells
–Cells that provide structural, nutritional, and other support for the neuron
•Schwann cell
–Wraps around axon

–Myelin insulates axon

•Faster signal conduction
–Nodes of Ranvier = spaces between
Schwann cells
–Action Potential jumps from Node to Node along the axon


    When a nerve impulse reaches the end of an axon and reaches the trigger value called the threshold, the axon releases chemicals called neurotransmitters. The different transmitters are Serotonin, Dopamine, Acetylcholine, Gamma-aminobutyric acid also called GABA and Glutamate. Neurotransmitters travel across the synapse gap between the axon and the dendrite of the next neuron. The neurotransmitters diffuse through gap & bind to receptors on receiving neurons. Neurotransmitters bind to the membrane of the dendrite. The binding allows the nerve impulse to travel through the receiving neuron. The receiving neuron decides whether or not to send the signal to the next neuron by taking the sum of the signal. If there is more excitatory the inhibitory signals then it will continue down and send the next signal; however, if there are more inhibitors then excitatory then the neurons will not send the next signal and it will not continue down. The reason for this is because we have so many signals flowing through our body all the time, and the nerve cells are connected to thousands of nerve cells and this needs to be controlled and monitored so there is no overload of information.



    Red Rising Essay Corrections



    Next essay I hope to further improve my thesis statement and work on my introduction. I need to know how to separate between what’s important and what isn’t relevant to my essay and thesis statement. I’m proud of quote integration which has greatly improved since the last essay and I believe I’m good at choosing relevant and insightful quotes from the book. I hope that for my next essay I can include what i learned from this essay and the last essay to write an essay that is better then both.

    Expository Essay Correction


    Here are my Expository Essay Corrections. In the end, I only cited the short story and John Green’s video as the quote I had in the essay that was not properly cited was in the video, so now it is properly cited. I was proud of this essay, I think the language I used and the way my arguments were presented were good and I got my point across. However, I know that what needs to be worked on are my mechanics like, punctuation, quote integration, etc. I feel confident that my next essay will be better as the more I write the more I learn.


    Narrative Essay Corrections.

    (All my corrections are in the new essay document)



    I believe that for this essay I did really well with the development of the story. It has a clear beginning, middle, end with a conflict and a strong message and overall cutesy story. Furthermore, I believe that I successfully incorporated many poetic devices to help with the flow of the story and keep things a lot less boring and plain. For next time, I would like to work on my colons and semi-colons. Most of the times I tried to incorporate them into my story it was successful, however, there are moments when it didn’t quite work out and that’s something that I would like to learn more and improve for next time. Overall, I believe it was a successful first attempt at an essay for English 12 and I look forward to hopefully improving for the next essay.

    Fractured Poetry BkC



    Sentence: “This bracelet is as blue as the ocean and sparkles like the sun.” I chose this sentence as it was the only sentence in my writing that painted a picture and was imagery. Imagery in literature and poetry is what stands out most to me and is something that always stays with me after I read it and once I read my writing and saw the imagery there I knew that is what would stand out for me and that’s why I chose it.

    Phrase: “ … this bracelet became a symbol of strength and determination.” I chose this phrase because it condenses and summarizes what my bracelet means to me and the point I was trying to get across in my writing. This phrase puts into words what I see in this bracelet that others might not understand or see at first glance and that is why I chose that phrase.

    Words: “ Wisdom, Wit and Learning” I chose these words because that is what is engraved on the bracelet itself and they represent the things I want to achieve in my lifetime. Furthermore, the wisdom and wit is alliteration and I liked how it sounds when I read them together. These words stick out to me because they are goals of mine and they hold value in my life and that is why I chose those words.  ( that’s also the values of the Ravenclaw House in Harry Potter and I think that is really cool because I’m a Ravenclaw and a big Harry Potter fan!)

    This tells me that in order for literature or poetry to be effective it must have impact and emotion for the reader. For poetry to be powerful it needs to resonate with the reader  while also painting a picture to help enforce their message.From this exercise I learned that it isn’t about how long a poem is or how many adjectives you use, you need a purpose and an emotion for the writing to impact your reader in a meaningful way. Furthermore, I learned that inspiration can come from anything including  a something small as a bracelet.


    A symbol of strength.


    As blue as the ocean

    And sparkles like the sun

    A constant gentle reminder

    Wisdom. Wit. Learning.

    Bring these strengths with you.


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