week 17- math 10

this week i math 10 we learned some new terms for arithmetic sequences.


here are a couple of examples that we learned.

Find the 25th term if the common difference = 10 and starts at 2 To solve this sequence, we follow this basic rule: tn=t1 + (n-1)d. We can replace “tn”



Week 15- Math

this week in math 10 we learned elimination

To solve elimination you need line the two equations together like you were about to add/subtract,

the next step would e to try to get a zero pair. you would need to multiply the equation to get a zero pair. once u got your zero pair add the two together to isolate x or y

once that is done you can now you can solve for the other equation using the best friends share desserts.


Thats how you would use elimination to solve a system

Week 14- Math 10

This week in math 10 we learned how to use substitution to solve a system. To start off you need to pick if you want to solve using X or Y.


once you have picked which variable you want to solve with you need to isolate the variable to get the one you picked alone


here is my example:


x+y=1.3 ——- Y= 1.3-x

that is the equation because you subtracted x to both sides.

then you need to insert y=1.3-x into the second equation where y i.



now you need to subtract 52 on both sides




thats how you do substitution.

week 12- math 10

This week we learned about different slope equations

to find the midpoint you do y1+y2/x1-x2

To find the distance you either do y1-y2 or x1-x2 or use pythagorean theorem.


This makes it super easy to find the distance and the midpoint.

Math 10 – Week 13

This week in math 10 we learned 3 important  equations.

Point slope form, Slope y-intercept form and General form.

My personal favorite in point slope.

This is what a point slope for equation would look like:



This is general form:



This is slope y intercept form