11.1 factors influencing Data collection

In my math class, we are learning about how factors can affect data when doing a poll. Should Christmas break be called winter break to avoid hurting the feelings of people who are different? this question has a couple of influences, primarily this question has a cultural factor and it doesn’t respect the people who don’t celebrate Christmas, […]

life of a cell- melanocytes

In my science class, we were assigned to research a cell and write a story based on their perspective. part 1; Hello! Greetings from the inside of the human body, also known as my host, Claire. Now, you may be wondering what’s my name?, and what am I? Well, I’m known around here as Melanocyte, […]

electricity inquiry

In science honours 9 I created a sway presentation to demonstrate my learning of an inquiry project. Hope you enjoy! how does electricity impact our hearts? our hearts are the organs inside of our chests that help keep us alive. The contraction pumps blood through the circulatory system to keep the rest of our bodies […]

colabritive fluency

Execute; Material Lucite Copper Glass Straw Wood Spoon Ebonite Silk Attracts Vibrates  Repels slightly Attracts slightly nothing attracts Repelling Cotton Attracts Nothing Nothing attracts nothing Attracts  slightly Attracts slightly Polyester Attracts slightly Nothing Vibrates nothing nothing nothing Repelling a lot Animal Fur Repels a lot Vibrates Attracts Repels a lot Nothing Attracts a lot and […]

Solution fluency-Claire Bajaj

define; In my science class we were given the experiment to find what painkiller worked the best out of the following medications; Advil liquid gel, Asprin, Tylenol, No name Life brand capsule, and Motrin. we were intrigued by the Advil liquid gel because this medication failed to dissolve in past attempts even though test subject(Mr. […]