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define; In my science class we were given the experiment to find what painkiller worked the best out of the following medications; Advil liquid gel, Asprin, Tylenol, No name Life brand capsule, and Motrin. we were intrigued by the Advil liquid gel because this medication failed to dissolve in past attempts even though test subject(Mr. Hortons son) speaks highly of this medication when wanting to be relieved from migraines. In our experiment, we were to make a stomach like an environment to create a more realistic environment for the pills to dissolve.


  1. what is the gasteric fluid made of?
  2. what are the most important components of the stomach enviorment?
  3. what can we use to represent this?
  4. what is the process the pill goes through to dissolve in our bodies?


above are the pills that we used.

We wanted to try and make a liquid that would be similar to a human stomach. We had to find out how warm our stomach is and find out acid that would mimic the acid in the stomach.We found out that the stomach is around 37 degrees Celsius so we heated our test tubes on a hot plate and we used pure white vinegar and mimic the acid. our stomach like concoction was our controlled variable, the pills were the independent variable.

we decided to add some movement by tapping the test tubes to make a current, to represent the movement of the process of dissolvement in our bodies.






we found out that the aspirin pill dissolved first, a powdery cloudy substance compacted to the bottom. we also found out that even though we created a more stomach like concoction the advil liquid gel pill still failed to have a big effect.

pill time Results
Tylenol 31 minutes> Looks like white fuzz
Advil Liquid gel 31 minutes> Looks like expanding; letters peeled off not much change.
Asprin 31 minutes> looks like a small gathered fuzz at bottom of test tube.
Motrin 31 minutes> A flattening pancake…starting to get fuzzy.
Life brand 31 minutes> exploding like the capsule broke open ‘fluff’ is coming
tylenol 26 minutes > Thich layer of fuzz
Advil 26 minutes > Looks the same
Asprin 26 minutes > Small amount of fuzz
Motrin 26 minutes > Looks like it is rising
Life brand 26 minutes > Breaking apart the capsule
Tylenol 20  mins> Fuzz is expanding
Advil 20  mins> There’s a faint line separating the outer layer
Asprin 20  mins> Looks the same
Motrin 20  mins> Fuzz; rising up
Life brand 20  mins> Mix of red and white
tylenol 15 min> Looks the same
Advil liquid 15 min> top is wider than the bottom
Asprin 15 min> Looks the same
Motrin 15 min> looks the same
Life brand 5min> Looks like blood and snow
Tylenol 5min> Still is fuzz
Advil 5min> Still bean like milky liquid is releasing from crack
Asprin 5min> Looks the same
Motrin 5min> Looks the same
Life brand 5min> Looks the same

in conclusion, the aspirin pill dissolved into a white powder at the bottom of the test tube at the fastest speed at the small amount of time of 60 seconds. the Advil got its results last of the medications.



Overall, this experiment was very successful even though we didn’t receive the results that we had hoped for. We were able to create concoctions that almost resembled a stomach like enviorment, and we were able to dissolve most of the pills. with further research and testing one day I would hope that we will be able to fully dissolve the Advil liquid gel. during this testing, I believe that we should add a stronger acidic liquid to more realistically represent the stomach acid. In other testing, I also believe that we should add more movement really recreating the movement of the process inside. like said above the Advil liquid gel generally needs more exploring to get better results. I’m very grateful for this experiment because I got to really learn about the medications I have taken or will take in my lifetime. in conclusion the experiment was well planned and thought out with no major problems along the way.

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  1. This is an amazing post. Your reflection is very thorough. I realy like how you included a table of your results. Your media works very well with your message. You also did a great job debriefing your product and process. Well done!

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